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I help ambitious female leaders and entrepreneurs create unstoppable confidence, so they can sell with ease, show up as the expert, and create more visibility.


Confidence is your SUPERPOWER, a skill you can learn, a habit you can create. Are you ready to grow and scale your business and feel confident in doing it? Let’s GO!


Well hello lovely lady, Bec here!

The Female Confidence Coach, espresso martini lover and podcaster of Women Who Can.

Doing the inner work is so important as a leader and entrepreneur! Having a solid base foundation of confidence helps you to build your empire, show up consistently and step into the CEO boss lady you are. Confidence will always be a barrier if you don’t do the inside work, so let’s get to it!


So how can we work togther?


Confidence Queen

Calling all ambitious start-up female entrepreneurs.

Learn how to create unstoppable confidence and start showing up online.


Confidence Accelerator

A 60 minute, power session to help you create quickfire, unstoppable confidence.

So you and your business can start showing up and thriving.


1:1 Coaching

Specifically tailored to you and your business.

For ambitious women who are ready for the next level of confident success.


Clearing the Negative Narrative.

The FREE secret 3 step workbook to clear the 'I'm Not Good Enough' belief, in order to thrive in your business without any doubt.

Ready to know you are GOOD ENOUGH?

It's waiting for you!

Charmaine Jackson - IT Coach

“I cannot explain how much Beckie has helped me change my life. I was able to not only gain confidence in myself and know my self worth but I also start to see that rub off in different areas of my life. I am now making more confident decisions in my business and with my new found confidence I offered a high ticket service and signed in a new client.”

Kylie Vanderkly - Executive Area Manager at Arbonne

“Since I’ve been working with Beckie my business has tripled and my leadership skills have really grown. I’m more confident with myself and I’m able to be more confident with my team. Working with Bec, I have seen ripple effects, even in my marriage, which has been really lovely. Before working with Bec I was second-guessing myself, and just to have somebody to breathe that belief and confidence into me, has been just so refreshing and so lovely.”

Shirin Danesh - Business Owner

“Rebecca has a gentle dynamic, however persistent method, to guide her clients. I benefited from our engagement immensely when I was quite stuck in both personal and business life. Over 5 weeks I went from “everything is a mess” to “ok, things are under control now” with her “move-the-needle” method. If you … believe you can do more but don’t know how to get to the next level, I highly recommend Bec. You know what needs to be done, Bec helps you unlock it.”

Lisa Lamb - Teacher

“What an eye-opening and jaw-dropping experience it has been, I can breathe! Bec has made me laugh and cry delving into the root causes of my feelings but in doing so I am now in control of what is important and I don’t worry about other things that I simply cannot control. I’m kinder to myself, I look forward to learning new things and don’t put pressure on myself to understand everything all at once. Honestly, my life is changing for the better due to the work we have done together, I am so grateful, Thank you.”