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I empower female entrepreneurs to become visible and confident online, through video, social media strategy and mindset magic so they can attract those dreamy ideal clients!


I believe that people who have an important message to share, shouldn’t be limited by their own self-doubt.


Hey lovely lady, Bec here!

The Female Visibility & Confidence Coach, Espresso Martini Lover and Podcaster of Women Who Can.

I hear you, you’re craving actionable ways to show up as the expert in your niche and stand out as the confident, consistent, empowering entreprenuer that you are.

Oh, and you want to feel really confident about what you’re doing. Because your WHY is so strong! You are ready to make a life better than your vision board, create empowering changes to those around you, and show people how this is possible, by showing up on video and creating the know, like and trust factor.

Yes? Let me hear you say it…




Sick of trying to get confident and visible in your business on willpower alone?

This track has a proven record with both myself and my clients to supercharge their visibility and confidence and create +$5k months in their business.

If you currently believe you have no confidence or can’t get visible, after this hypnosis you will find incredibly subtle changes that proves that you do!