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Aspiring Multi 6-Fig Biz Owners, it’s Time To Become THE CEO.


Rebecca Haydon

You are ready to become the woman who is living out her vision with sold out launches and a life and business that she is truly OBSESSED with.

Hitting multiple 5-figure months with so much ease, living a life full of experiences with regular travel and running a business that actually feels sustainable and safe.

What if:

  • You reach the next level
  • You smash every goal you have
  • You achieve the rare work/life balance
  • You get consistent clients whilst drinking champagne on the beach

You’re ready to become an unstoppable CEO that does the work, sells out your high-ticket offers and is in-control of achieving and sustaining your next income level.


Here’s a truth bomb…you already know what you are doing.
The strategy is there, you could actually do this in your sleep (if you allowed yourself). The fact is you use these same tactics to achieve astronomical results for your clients but when it comes to you and stepping it up, getting down in the nitty gritty to reach your potential (that you totally know you deserve)…you stall.

You procrastinate…

You jump onto the next shiny object that is really masking your procrastination even further.

But you know all this…deep down you have been battling with this since day dot. So what is it that is holding you back?

  • It’s not your strategy.
  • It’s not your crazy schedule.
  • It’s not the lack of skills.

Listen to the voice in the back of your head that is whispering “it’s your mindset, it’s time to work on your mindset!”

No strategy is better than it’s execution and your execution is highly affected by your mindset.



I’m the coach you have always wanted. The one that will open your eyes, your subconscious and your power to regain that confidence and believe in yourself- you are capable of becoming the in-control CEO, achieving and sustaining your next income level.

I’ve walked in your shoes and created a magnificent and successful business that allows me the freedom to express myself, empower women, travel the world, and buy the bougie bag if I want the goddamn bougie bag all the while making money while I sleep!

How? Well, buy me a Melbec first…

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Not sure if you’re a right fit?
The dreamiest clients:
  • Come to me with solution-based problems
  • They fully understand their situation, they need a soundboard to find a solution
  • They know what makes them scream Hell Yes! In business…there is not a passive bone in their body
  • They are ready to take action and they are ready to leap
  • In black and white, they want to make a fuck ton of money
  • They have confidence in their ability but they have some traits that are holding them back
  • Playing big in their head but it’s not translating through their habits.
  • They want a backpocket mastermind relationship
  • They want business to feel less fragile and less dependent on quick launches and must-produce sales

You know who you are and you don’t need this…you want this. You want to work with me, you want to see what I have to offer as a coach and how I can tap into your energy and catapult you into the reality that you have only ever dreamed of!


The show will release you of your victim mindset and give you complete freedom and energy to jump into the self you always knew you could be! The best place to start your new reality and listen to the conversation of what is holding you back from reaching happily ever after…ready to find out what life could be like if you just did the thing?

So You’re Pumped…Let’s Be Real For A Second

It’s true, we want to make a fuck ton of money…

…but it’s not the money, it’s not the conversion, it’s not the wealth building that drives the shift in your business.

That will be just a byproduct. Instead, it’s embodying the transformation that was always intended for you. Stepping into a fricken powerful CEO and absolutely BEING your new identity with such confidence and ease!

That’s where the magic happens beauty…I’m ready when you are!

Bec was an inspiring coach

She gave me heaps of advice and shared all her insights on messaging and strategy. I’m so happy with my messaging now. It’s taken me a year to perfect it – but now it is perfect.
Mel Wakley