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Quick Question: Do you keep pivoting more than Ross Gellar?

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Aspiring multi 6-fig coaches, it’s time to become THE CEO.

To become the woman who is living out her vision with sold out launches and a life and business that she is truly OBSESSED with.

6 months from now you will be..

Hitting multiple 5-figure months with so much ease, living a life full of experiences with regular travel and running a business that actually feels sustainable and safe.

You are ready to unlock your highest level performance, build massive self-trust and step into the identity of the woman who takes action and finally achieves her goals.

Becoming an unstoppable CEO that does the work, sells out your high-ticket offers and is in-control of achieving and sustaining your next income level.

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In the words of Elle Woods, “Like it’s hard?”

You want to step into the million dollars vibes. There is no need to be shy, over here I call a spade a spade and I know you want to step powerfully into the next level. You have been wanting this, dreaming of this since you started your business. You knew you had it in you, it was only a matter of when.

Imagine a world where your success is never a no-show but it parades in all its glory. You’re at a point in your life where this is normal. Hitting high dollar months, although appreciated, is expected. You are at the level of reaching 50K months and the thought doesn’t scare you.

One moment you are getting your clients results that they can’t believe, the next- booking your next flight to Paris for an impromptu weekend away with the girls!

Overthinking is a thing of the past, instead, you are confidently showing up every day and taking action by doing the day-to-day things that you need to accomplish in order to make that big vision come to life!

There is no more disconnect. You are in full alignment with your highest self. You are living, breathing, and doing everything your highest self does and the dream has come full circle making it the reality you have always wanted!

You can have this and more!

Ready to take a seat at my table?

Rumour on the block is that this is the only 1:1 way you can work with me…and that rumour is so fricking true.

In my private mentorship, I will guide you to unlock your true potential and achieve and sustain mind-blowing results. There is no gimmick, this is the real deal baby! And you’re ready to jump on this fast-paced train. I can feel it! Can you?

This package is not for the faint-hearted. This is for the high-achieving entrepreneur with blue sky thinking who can easily put the strategy together to achieve it but for some reason is falling short. Something doesn’t feel right and they can’t quite put their finger on it.

To be an amazing fit for this you:

  • Feel stagnant in your business and sustaining high cash months doesn’t feel safe, but you deeply crave next level results and know you’re ready to put in the work.
  • You struggle with consistency and often find yourself procrastinating important tasks but are ready to unlock your productivity.
  • You’ve invested in coaches and strategy before but keep feeling stuck because of your mindset and know its time to take the bull by the horns and address the true root cause of your issues. 

You’re ready to make magic. You’re ready to go all in. You know deep down that this reality is right around the corner and you want to charge for it with all of your might.

My Clients Who Have The Most Incredible Results All Share This One Characteristic…

The Hunger…

If you know, you know. They crave more success, more clients, more experiences, more life packed into their lifestyle. They want it all! They want to build an empire, leave a legacy, make an earth-shattering impact!

They are big, they are bold and they are here to play!

Play big or go home, that is their motto. They know they are meant for big things. They know the value of how your mindset can unlock the next level. They know they need to invest to create the reality that they desire and to be the coach that they always have wanted to be!

Sound like you?

If that just got you sooooo pumped for what’s next you’re in the right place, Beauty! And I am welcoming you into the most exclusive way of working with me. We are going to get close and personal. And while I pave the path for you to move through, you’re going to create your bold moves all on your own.

My clients know for a fact that I don’t handhold, instead, I’m holding space, to have the breakthrough but equally, you are taking yourself through it as well. I am here to share tactics and unblock their core limiting beliefs.

Not sure if you’re a right fit?

The dreamiest clients:

  • Come to me with solution-based problems
  • They fully understand their situation, they need a soundboard to find a solution
  • They know what makes them scream Hell Yes! In business…there is not a passive bone in their body
  • They are ready to take action and they are ready to leap
  • In black and white, they want to make a fuck ton of money
  • They have confidence in their ability but they have some traits that are holding them back
  • Playing big in their head but its not translating through their habits. 
  • They want a backpocket mastermind relationship 
  • They want business to feel less fragile and less dependent on quick lauches and must-produce sales

You know who you are and you don’t need this…you want this. You want to work with me, you want to see what I have to offer as a coach and how I can tap into your energy and catapult you into the reality that you have only ever dreamed of!

Imagine walking every step knowing what is in the cards for you?

You are meant for this. You are meant to be here and meant to be having this moment of recognition. That fire in your belly? It is roaring for you to take action every day and it’s not hard. In fact, it’s easy. Once you shift your mindset, unlock your true potential, and accept that there is more out there for you than what you already have, you are unstoppable!

That is exactly how you will feel when you work with me. You will feel in control, you will feel safe and as each uplevel passes, you will have steered it with such poise.

The real magic is seeing what happens outside of our sessions. When you put what you learn into real life. Navigating obstacles and beauty, you will be sure to have them, will be easier than usual. You will have all of the tools to combat any limiting belief that shows it’s ugly head and come out the other side stronger and ready to go again!


  • Making enough money to book a holiday whenever you want
  • Consistent multi 5 figure months is so close to becoming your reality
  • Build a sustainable business where one bad day doesn’t affect your sales that week

$30K months is less about the how and more about aligning your reality to your vision. Once you’re in alignment, you will be in flow and that is what I am all about. Ditch the hustle and adopt the flow so you can ring in those big-picture achievements now!

The Proof Is In The Pudding

I am not sure what needs to go in here

Let’s break it down

 3 x 1 hour sessions

 1.5 month of accountability support via Voxer to guide you through any challenges or obstacles in real-time

 Personal hypnotherapy recording to support your subconscious changes


 90 minute deep dive

 6 x 1 hour biweekly sessions

 3 months of accountability support via Voxer to guide you through any challenges or obstacles in real-time

 Personal hypnotherapy recordings to support your subconscious changes

Access to any other courses launched during our time together


 90 minute deep dive

 12 x 1 hour biweekly sessions

 6 months of accountability support via VOXER to guide you through any challenges or obstacles in real-time

 Personal hypnotherapy recordings to support your subconscious changes

 Access to any other courses launched during our time together


You are fucking amazing at what you do!

You are so good at helping your clients, you’ve built a business that is literally signing consistent clients. Look how far you’ve come already…but imagine how far we can go…

The sky is the limit baby!
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You’re already doing the damn thing! You’ve come so far already, all on your own! Imagine what you could be doing if you did it all without procrastinating. How much would you have grown? How much would you have made? What would that fast-track version look like? You could be making 5x what you’re making now if you had done the mindset work and trusted in the strategy.