The only Woo Woo you’ll find is a message from me ending in a 🎉 when you hit that first 30K month!

Let’s get this straight, before we go into the bells and the whistles. I’m not another fucking manifestation coach. There are a lot out there and this Brit is not one of them.

If you’re looking for someone who is going to hold space for you so that you can reach that next level in your business, then you’ve found the right corner of the internet! In me, you will have a cheerleader and coach that is going to give you that much needed kick up the arse so you can get your mindset into gear. That’s how my clients leap into those HUGE shifts.

Most of all. I will guide you through these levels so that you can move through them with confidence!

Rebecca Haydon

Am I coach that:

  • Uses visualisation
  • Uses scripting
  • Uses Timeline Therapy
  • Guides you through breakthroughs
  • Is there to support you when you reach your next up level
  • Helps you come to terms with what is holding you back
  • Creates a safe space for you to rise and unlock your true potential

Hell to the fricken yes! The real OG’s know that I am all about creating tangible tactics that you can use in your day to day so that your habits start to align with your highest self that you had only visualised a moment ago. It may seem like absolute magic that we are making, but I can assure you I am no Tinkerbell.

My mission is to make you fly higher and further away from Neverland! Don’t look back, there is nothing there for you. You’re meant to move forward and with me by your side as your mindset coach we can unlock the unimaginable. This is the real fucking deal and I am so pumped that you’ve already made it this far.

The Mindset Coach That Made 200K in 7 Months

All the while travelling the world!

Hi! I’m Bec- but you already knew that, didn’t you? This isn’t your first rodeo. You’ve probably seen me on Instagram, ogled my stories, wondering how the heck do I keep pulling in massive uplevels and still able to have the freedom to live life.

It wasn’t always like this.

In fact, it looked a little bit like this:

  • Living from client payment to client payment, hoping and praying the small amount of clients I did have would pay me in time for me to pay the rent.
  • Showing up on social media day in and day out, to what felt like NO ONE. No one was listening and  no one was investing.
  • Full time victim mode is something I lived in. ‘This is never going to happen for me’, ‘Why is everyone else succeeding and I’m not’ and quite frankly if I saw this post it would have triggered the fuck out of me and I would have muted me haha! 

The energy and mindset I used to show up in was desperate and needy and quite frankly no wonder this was what was manifesting. 

So what’s changed? How did I step into creating over $200K in sales in 7 months?

1. I embodied the transformation my clients wanted and I SHOWED it

2. I honed my content strategy, birthed the ideal client clarity bible, and never looked back. 

3. I never stopped working on myself. 

4. I never gave up. 

I Found The Golden Ticket

I was holding the damn thing the entire time. The ticket that would set me free of this victim suit I put on every day and instead grew to a point where I could empower women to step into their power and claim what was already theirs!

I got out of my own way. And it all came down to my identity and shifting my mindset!

rebecca 171

Let’s Speed Date

  • I have performed on the biggest stage in Europe with my first professional musical debut in Tommy the Musical.
  • If you take me out for wine – ill be your best friend for life.
  • I only like coffee in Australia haha!
  • I am the biggest Sex and the City fan!

Now that you know about me, I want to know about you! Are you ready to jump into the best business decision of your life? Are you ready for a life full of creating massive impact, memories and experiences? Are you ready for everything the Universe has to offer?

Meet me half way and let’s make it official.