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Oh, hey lovely!

If you are a passionate, ambitious and driven female entrepreneur looking to step into your superpower, grow your empire and create unstoppable confidence to do so, then you are in the right place.

I want to work with you to create unstoppable confidence so you can show up as the expert, believe in your high tickets and build your empire, brick by brick.

I am the biggest mindset fan...

I have experienced the ‘magic’ first hand and now I want to empower and inspire incredible business women to know and believe they can create a life better than their vision board. Through growing my business, I realised CONFIDENCE really is key to move your business forward and doing the inner work is so VERY important.


What if…

…my dreams don’t happen?
…people don’t want to listen to what I have to say?
…they don’t see the value in my prices?

Now as a qualified Hypnotherpist, NLP Master Practioner and Keynote Speaker, I help and empower my clients every day to show up confidently online, speak to ideal clients with ease and create confidence that truly is unstoppable.

So, from one ambitious, driven, passionate entrepreneur to the other, let me help you find this unstoppable confidence, show up as the expert you know you are deep down and watch your business soar.

Rebecca Haydon and Finley

Hi! I’m Bec!

An English gal who packed up her life to live in sunny Australia. A performer at heart (since the age of 3) with an unhealthy love for Mumford and Sons and an Irish Jig. I have the best shaggy dog called Finley and a bit obsessed with candles (who isn’t)!

So now you know what to get me as a birthday present, find out more about how I can help you create unstoppable confidence…

FUN FACT // 01

 I’ve watched the whole series Gavin and Stacey over 30 times. Oh What’s Occurrin’!

FUN FACT // 02

 I am a sucker for an espresso martini!

FUN FACT // 03

My gorgeous furbaby is called Finley

FUN FACT // 04

Random fact : I can do the splits…. on both legs!

FUN FACT // 05

Noosa is my dream location and I will own a house there one day. Dream big girl!

FUN FACT // 06

My forte is tap dancing.

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