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Lie with me for a moment, and look up to the stars, twinkling in the sky, showing us where to go.


With every star that shines, you see you, shining like the star that you are, the person that you are becoming.


And every time you look up to that night sky, you know that you are following your North Star.


Things might come across your path that starts to guide you away from that star.


But you know, and you feel when that’s happening, don’t you.


So every time you can bring yourself back to your true north, your true purpose, connection, love, and freedom. And you can follow that North Star, wherever it leads you.


Every time you tap into your intuition, you are listening, you are listening in. And really you’re the one who knows which way to go.


You don’t need to look externally. You don’t need to start searching in other people. Because you know, you will all on this journey. And all you have to do is look within, be within.


Follow your true north, every opportunity.


Everything that comes into your path, you get to decide whether it’s yes or no. Whether it serves you or whether it doesn’t. And then you get to decide.


I am on my path.


I’m following my path.


I’m following my true north that’s where I’m going and no one can stop me and I will carry on every single day.


Because that’s my true north.


Look up now.


Can you feel it?


Your true north is calling you that star in the sky that shines so bright and shining for you. It’s calling out your name. It’s wanting you to follow it. It’s wanting you to tap into that every single day without fail.


There is no word such as failure. Everything’s a lesson on the way and you know what, every single day you get to follow your true north. That star in the sky go after it.


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