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Welcome to Episode 6, the final episode of the Business Boss Lady Series. 

On this week’s episode, I talk to the beautiful Michelle Sutherland! Michelle is a Social Entrepreneur, Go Giver, Life liver, Nature lover, Traveller, Well-being Advocate and overall Queen of Positivity!

Michelle has been an entrepreneur for the past eleven and a half years, and is incredibly passionate about empowering others to live a healthy and sustainable life. Michelle also has her Big Vision which she tells us about, along with the importance of talking about it openly and often.

We discuss Michelle’s entrepreneurial journey, and how it was starting up her business back in Scotland, before she moved to Australia. She talks about the impact that talking and listening to the right people can have, people who either are there or have been where you want to be.

Being so passionate about well-being, Michelle shares her favourite mindset practices (ice-cold ocean dips, anyone?) and how always staying curious will foster creativity and innovation.

We’re ending the first season of my Business Boss Lady Series on a high with this epic chat! If you’re as inspired by Michelle as I am and want to find out more, her links are below.

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/michellesutherland.co/

Definitii – https://www.instagram.com/definitii.co/ 




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