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Today I speak to Jess Fynn, the gorgeous business owner of Social Quest Media, Jess is a Business & Marketing Mentor and also a YouTube strategist & editor.


“I’m Jess the owner of Social Quest Media! I help female entrepreneurs show up powerfully online using strategy & flow so that they inject more fun into their business and make more money. I also own and operate a video marketing agency where we fully edit busy entrepreneurs’ YouTube videos and offer VIP days to create a profitable and fun YouTube Channel. I now live in Maryland with my husband Dominic and English Cream Golden Retriever, Murphy after living in Europe for 6.5 years. My favourite things are The Office, traveling to new places, and being around family and friends whenever I can”


We speak about confidence online, showing up on social media, and stepping into that growth mindset.


You connect with Jess here: https://www.instagram.com/socialquestmedia/

Dive into Shadow Work here: https://psychcentral.com/blog/nlp/2016/11/shadow-work#10-Shadow-Work-Prompts-that-Shine-a-Light-into-Darkness



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