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Feel that – that breath in, and breath out.


Connecting you back to yourself, connecting you in more ways than you think.


Feel the breath, feeling your body, and know that you can always come back to it at any point.


Breathing in, breathing out, something we do so subconsciously through the day.


But the power when you start to think about how you can bring yourself back into the present. And that’s a gift, a gift that you’ve always had within you. And you’ll always have within you.


Because when you’re present, when you’re in the here and now you start to open up your eyes to the amazing opportunities that are around you.


Look around right now.


What can you see?

What can you feel?

What can you hear?


It’s all there. Right in front of your eyes. It’s here.


Breath, in and out.


Magic, connecting us back every single time.


And every day you can remember, that you get to control the speed.


You get to control the depth.


You get to control how it makes you feel.


Because you are in the driver’s seat.


And you’ll always have that breath with you. Every hour of every day, when you’re sleeping, when you’re awake. Your breath is there to guide you.


Just tap in now, listen to it. Listen to how it feels. Listen to how it makes you feel.


You’re alive. That breath is keeping you alive.


And every day we go about our way and not thinking about it, not feeling it.


When really we know we can stop.


Breathe in and out and know, we’ve always got our breath.


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