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I know you hear consistency is key ALL THE TIME but there is a very good reason we hear that. ⁣⁠


Your brain learns best from repetition, from consistently doing the things that create changes that serve us better ✨⁣⁠


This is why I support my clients, not only in the hour zoom sessions we have weekly, but outside the session, when REAL life is happening, when REAL limiting beliefs might pop up, when REAL shit is going down. ⁣⁠


The more we work through these times, quickly, efficiently and consistently the LESS they show up in your life. This is because we are stopping the old pattern and flowing into the new, with support, guidance and you guessed it…. Consistency! ⁣⁠


Now there is a lot of bullshit thrown at consistency in the entrepreneur space (let’s be honest you can’t say anything without someone having an #unpopularopinion on it these days). 


But the truth is, consistency has truly helped my business to grow, because I consistently tried, failed and changed the path, because I consistently showed up even if no one was there and consistently knew that I was going to make this work. 


So how do we create more consistency in our business…


1. Get clear on your ACTUAL priorities


The needle moving activities such as knowing your ideal client inside and out, speaking and connecting with your community and showing your energy, creating a feeling online for others to see are priorities in my business. I know those specific activities move me forward and I make sure I do these weekly. They could look different to you – so go and find out what moves your needle forwards. 


You don’t have a ‘lack of time’ you are just not prioritising the thing you think you want to be doing. Have a deeper dive and say to yourself, “I haven’t prioritised this so far, but am I ready now?” If you are not ready, take it off your to-do list and stop punishing yourself. 


2. Create prompts


We react best through visual prompts in life. Do you find you are always throwing your vegetables out because they have gone disgusting in the veg draw? That’s because you can’t see them. If you put them on the middle shelf so your eyes are drawn to them every time you open the door you would probably remember to throw broccoli on your dinner that day. So in order for you to keep consistent in your business with the goals you want to achieve, what visual queues can you set up?


3. Break through the comfort zone 


It’s easier said than done. I understand that but consistency comes from doing uncomfortable things until they are comfortable – then when they get comfortable you find something that makes you uncomfortable again! 


The more you take action, the more confident you become, the more consistent you will be! 


Which one are you going to put into place today? 


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