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    A flow of juicy clients are ready to head your way.

The real question is…are you ready to step into your power,    show up consistently and attract instant “I’m In!” clients?!

What if you… 

👉🏻 Had a structure, the knowledge and the knowing that you can create compelling content that converts your ideal clients without having to do outreach.

👉🏻 Were so magnetic to your ideal clients from the message you share and the energy you bring online.

👉🏻 Had a bespoke visibility content strategy system for selling online which brings in consistent clients.

👉🏻 Woke up to DMs from people wanting to sign up to work with you.

The thing is, that doesn’t feel like your reality now, does it?


Let me know if this sounds familiar?

  •  You struggle to create content that actually converts your amazing community into clients… you have lots of ideas but not sure what to do with them.
  • You know you want to be visible in your business but it makes you feel so awkward and feels too time consuming right now – you are hearing “I am not interesting enough” and “I feel I’m there but no one is listening” in your own mind far too often.
  • You sit down to write a post or show up on stories but MIND BLANK sets in or perfectionism rears its ugly head and you find yourself editing it 100 times before you release it.
Girl, it doesn’t have to feel this way.

Converting through your content is possible for you, in fact your ideal clients are waiting for you! 

& I am ready to show you how.

Visibility Queen Photo

I created my own methods, conversion hacks, and visibility tactics to truly help ambitious female entrepreneurs like you use content to generate leads, show up as the expert and become a client attraction queen.

What I am about to teach you in this course, over the last six months, has allowed me to sign the most incredibly aligned clients, reach 20k+ months and stand as the visibility expert. Now it’s time to teach you how too!

Hey, I’m Bec,

Visibility & Conversion Queen, specialising in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs create unstoppable confidence, so they can show up as themselves, create more visibility in their business online and become fully booked online.

Last year, creating content that converts used to SCARE the S**T of of me, in fact I used to say “I started this business to be a coach not a marketing expert..”

Sitting down to write content would take hours, well days, and converting from it was a different story! I just didn’t understand how I could speak to my ideal clients and convert them into paying customers.

I spent a full year honing my strategy and mindset that allows me to be a magnet to my ideal clients and now I have reverse engineered my process, bringing in my famous ideal client clarity bible into an EMPOWERING strategy so you can implement in your power.

Think action taking, immersive and RESULTS – that’s what you will get with Visibility Queen™ !


Visibility Queen™  is for you if…


You are a service provider or coach who is ready to generate more leads and sales through their content and visibility.


You are ready to step out of your comfort zone, show up and take BIG action


You are ready to become magnetic to your ideal clients, create converting content and show up with ease as the client attraction magnet you are.


You are ready to stand as the authority, leader and expert in your niche.

Visibility Queen™ is NOT for you if…


You don’t want to generate more clients, make more money and be super successful in your business.


You are petrified of showing up online and would do everything but show up on camera.


You are already hitting 10k+ months and attraction consistent clients through your marketing strategy.


You are not willing to take action and step outside of your comfort zone.

“Bec has given me the tools to speak to my ideal client and make them feel seen and heard. In doing so, I’m now almost booked out for next year which is something I didn’t think would happen for a long time.

Content creation now comes easy and takes no time at all. I’m clear on my ‘why’ and confident in presenting myself online. I was pleased to be reassured that being myself online is perfect and that we don’t need to be anyone else. I feel like i can show up and actually help my clients!

The support Bec offered during this program was honestly phenomenal and i’m so glad i made this investment! Forever grateful for Bec & the group of incredible women in this program”

Lisa Beckwith

Mirjam Den Dunnen

Female Entrepreneur 

What's inside Visibility Queen?

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Module One : The Identification Blueprint

+ Make your business STAND OUT so the people who need your help the most can easily find you.

+ Identify what makes you DIFFERENT from everyone else to give your business wow factor online.

+ Clearly communicate your difference in a way that makes sense to potential customers.

Module Two : The Belief Game Plan

+ Transforming your mindset so you can stand as the confident, calm, empowering, GO-TO authority you are.

+ Busting through imposter syndrome, limiting beliefs and doubts so you can breaking through the fear of judgement and saying goodbye to losing the fluency.

+ Knowing and owning your worth allowing you to step into your authentic self and position yourself as the confident expert in your field.

Module Three : The VQ Content Formula

+ Understand your ideal clients inside out so you can speak straight to their hearts.

+ Optimise your content for conversions so that you can grow your community by the hundreds month after month.

+ Create engaging content that rapidly inspires community and connection.

Module Four : The Action Guide

+ Learn how to create a presence online so you can attract ideal clients all year round.

+ Understand how to batch, record, plan and take action on the visibility techniques that will allow ideal clients to drop into your DM’s.

+ Utilise “easy to use” automation tools so new ideal clients are finding you each day, with zero effort on your part.

Module Five : The Conversion Roadmap

+ Gain clarity with your ‘client road map strategy’ so you know how to nurture your ideal clients, get them jumping into the DM’s.

+ Understand the hottest call to actions so you feel confident selling your services.

+ Deliver your profitable content strategy that your community ENJOYS, so you’ll never feel pushy, sleazy, or gross.

There's more...

Accountability buddies per week to practice and take action together

Action Taking challenges per week that allow you to step out of your comfort zone in an epic and safe way

Done for you caption templates, story templates and live video templates so you will never worry about what you have to say in your copy to convert your audience

Consistency workflow to help you build the know, like and trust factor online

Hypnotherapy recording to support the pattern changes and strategy shifts

What past Visibility Queen™'s say...


“I can do anything I want to, people want and need to hear what I have to say.

I can talk confidently in a calm yet passionate way being uniquely me”


“Bec was able to teach me specific tasks such as batching my Instagram and Facebook posts, so that I was less overwhelmed – being able to plan weeks and months in advance has literally saved my life!”


“I got really clear on my ideal client which allowed lives and videos to be so much easier.

Being clear has opened the flood gates, my hand hurts from writing and my brain has all this content just wanting to get out”

The Visibility Queen™ course was created for you.

The female entrepreneur who is ready to sky rocket her conversions and her bank account.

Prepare for…

A strategic plan to create videos, post with ease and show up visible in your business.

A confident, calm and in-control mindset that allows you to be visible without the nerves.

Consistently building the know, like and trust factor on Social Media.

Clear content for your ideal clients that allows them to fall into your DM’S.

An empowered community of like minded women all ready to bring visibility into their business.

A visibility system designed for getting you more sales and filling your audience with raving fans and making video fun!


Frequently asked questions...

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If I want to purchase Visibility Queen™ , how will it work with the time zones?

I’m based in Syndey AEST but my clients are based all over the world (mostly in the UK & US). I will arrange times to suit us both.

What is my return on investment?

We are on this journey together, which means you must guarantee your results. If you do that, I can guarantee I’ll be giving you 100% of my skills, knowledge, love and guidance to support you in creating the success you desire. I’ve invested over $50,000 into my own personal and professional development and I share this with you in the program.

How much time does the program require?

This program is built to slot into, and support your current activities. It runs for eight weeks, but when you join, you become a lifelong Visibility Queen™ so there are always options to revisit.

There’s a weekly group call available for you to attend and a wealth of resources to learn from and implement.

The content and support are built to get you where you want to go faster and with more clarity and confidence!

What stage are other women at?

Whether it’s day one, month ten or year 2, confidence is a vital part of your business and something you cannot ignore.

In reality, you’re always in the perfect place at the perfect time.

Is there a money back guarantee?

All sales are final. Would you want to backtrack on creating visiblity and success your business?

Your ideal clients…

They are waiting for you, they are ready to be empowered, they are ready to learn and they are ready to watch you shine online!

All we have to do is create an unstoppable confidence, a consistency conversion strategy and a HELL YES attitude to being seen.