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Welcome to Episode 3 of the Business Boss Lady Series. 


On this week’s episode, I talk to the wonderful Aimee Browne.


Aimee is a Time and Business Strategist who helps female entrepreneurs not only devise the strategies needed to build and scale their businesses but to execute it too. She helps them radically uplevel from solopreneur to CEO, fine-tune their business planning, time and attention management, implement systems and build a rock-star team, so they work smarter, stay in their genius zone AND can create more freedom and joy in their lives.


We talk all things from wearing the busy badge of honour to burnout, embodying who you really want to be and battling imposter syndrome along the way. Aimee shares the tools that have helped not only her, but also her clients.


If you loved this episode and want to find out more about Aimee and what she does, you can find her at one of the links below!


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/iamaimeebrowne/ 


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/iamaimeebrowne 


Website – https://www.aimeebrowne.co/ 


For the journal mentioned, check out https://dreamymoons.com.au/ 



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