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Constantly riding the rollercoaster of loving / hating creating content right now? 


👉🏻 Nail your content…

👉🏻 Speak to your ideal client… 

👉🏻 Your Instagram is your shop front… 


We’ve all heard it right, but why do we do content in the first place? 


A little secret – I have always loved writing content, I think this is because my business actually started as a blog. I used to blog every single Sunday, blog about mindset hacks and tips I have picked up along my journey of being a performer, and LOVED the feedback of how it’s helped people. 


So for me, learning, understanding, and diving into how I want to create content was a really enjoyable task, but I know this isn’t the same for everyone.


When you feel forced into doing things you potentially don’t enjoy, resistance will rear its ugly head. 


Procrastination will become your best friend. 


And you will spend most of your energy thinking ‘What the f**k do I talk about today?’ 


Well, I want to remind you of the reason why you are doing content today…


Potentially it is to sign those ‘dreamy ideal clients’ but actually it’s to share knowledge, to educate, to add more into people’s lives. 


When you really dig into WHY you are doing something and the emphasis is behind that the subconscious mind has an easier time with it. 


So your challenge today…


Grab a pen and paper – write at the top…


This is what I desire for my content on social media…


As you start writing your statements I want you to follow it with WHY you want that desire, adding because as you go. 


For example:


I desire for my content to make people feel inspired to take action in their business because I know they have a message they want to share, because I know they have knowledge in their mind that they can pass on to others, because I know they have goals they want to reach and maybe my inspiration allows them to see they can achieve it. 


It is such a beautiful exercise that will bring you back to your reasons why, bring you back to your values, and quieten the bloody noise of the entrepreneur world. 



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