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Visibility QUeen

The 5 month coaching program to empower you to step into the next level in your business, become an ideal client attractor and say hello to $5k months.

You’re going to want to watch this…

Did you watch that?

She tripled her income and stepped into being a leader whilst having fun and enjoying her business – I’m going to help you do the same.


You Want To…

1. Shift through the “is this EVER going to happen” limiting belief…

Imagine taking big bold action, feeling unstoppable in your business and knowing that what you put your mind to, you succeed at?

2. Earn *recurring* money months

Killing it in your business, showing up unapologetically, selling your offers, sharing your message and doing what is aligned to you whilst making money.

3. Have a profitable business with a waitlist or fully booked with clients.

Say buh-bye to waiting for someone else to do the work for you and being scared of putting yourself out there. Say hello to more consistent income and understanding your needle moving activities.

Nila Mistry

Nila Mistry 
Financial Life Planner

“No matter what age you are, or where you’re at in your life or business, she makes you feel YOU CAN!

I’ve had a new found level of confidence, become more visible in my businesses and I always look forward to our sessions together.

If you are looking for a personal confidence coach, to cheerlead and support help you work any blocks to just be your awesome self, then this woman is THE ONE! Can’t recommend her enough!”

It’s time to draw back those velvet red curtains and say


Well hey there!

I’m Beckie

You are hungry for growth and so goddamn ready to step into your higher self power (you are my kinda girl)

Why me? Why mindset &  strategy? Why THIS program?

I will tell you…. but first, a little back story:

This time last year my business ‘side hustle’ ran early AMs, very late PMs and if I’m honest sneaky stories and planning in my lunch breaks whilst I was still in my personal training job. 

I was fed up, uninspired, craving for more and I knew I wouldn’t do this forever. 

With just three clients under my belt and very low prices, I dived in the deep end and decided that this WAS going to work for me, and it started with my mindset…


I started creating my own business methods, visibility strategy and mindset hacks

to help women become successful with online businesses, using their own superpower to become confident online, to triple their income, and to be a client magnet with a stellar mindset in under 12 months.

I went from…


“This is Never Going to Happen”


Zero Discovery Calls


$300 Monthly


Tumbleweed on Posts & Videos






5+ Dreamy Ideal Client Calls Per Month 



$14,000+ Monthly Minimum


DM’s Asking “How can I book a call with you?”


& now we are going to do the same for you! 

Video Quiz

But first,

Pop Quiz!

What’s your mindset style?

Your options are…

1. You pour energy into Social Media and show up consistently but don’t see the results. You spiral into “I GIVE UP NOTHING IS WORKING”, only to come back to it the next day and carry on…

2. You’re confident in your value and certain your followers would LOVE working with you, but you’re not sure how to reach them or get them there…

3. You’re ready to level-up your mindset and visibility strategy in a way that turns you into a client attraction magnet…

4. You are enthusiastic and passionate about your business but not comfortable screaming it to the world so that keeps you playing small…

If your mind screamed “ALL OF THE ABOVE!”


“I feel I can do anything I want to, people want and need to hear what I have to say. I can talk confidently in a calm yet passionate way being my own unique way, being me, just having a conversation about what I believe in, sharing my knowledge to empower others, creating a ripple effect that by working on myself I am having a positive impact on others. I have the confidence to go for it, showing up with my message in my own unique way.”

Lisa Beckwith

Lisa Beckwith
Change Maker

Ok, ok hear me out…

You’ve invested already, you’ve got a few strategies under your belt and you are doing ‘the work’

You’re rocking:

✨ The canva graphics on your feed

✨ Ideas of who your ideal client is 

✨ Great ideas for content, videos & reels

✨ The journal (when you remember)

✨ Knowing EXACTLY what your dreamy life looks like

The last thing you need is another course telling you what you already know…

What you need are effective, proven strategies that make you a client attracting magnet, help you to show up unapologetically, sell your offers, share your message and do what is aligned to you, while you’re making money.


Visibility Queen Photo

You Want...

tools and techniques that you can implement TODAY that will elevate your sales and take your business and mindset to the next level.

You Are...

craving actionable ways to stand as the expert, be wildly in demand, whilst having ‘YOU’ time during your day. You are so ready to skip the fluff and jump right in. You are ready to move the needle and you are ready now (well probably yesterday!)

Oh, and You Crave To..

truly let go of what doesn’t serve you anymore. You are sharing your message, sharing more of yourself and doing what you know you came here to do – inspire people to go after their dream life, whilst going after your dream life.


Visibility QUeen

The 5 month coaching program to empower you to step into the next level in your business, become an ideal client attractor and say hello to $5k months.

What's inside The Main Stage?

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Act One : The Mindset Module

Module 1 – Breakthrough Session

By the end of this module you will have a clear understanding of where we are heading with our time together. We will dive into your immediate limiting beliefs and unsupportive habits within your business so we can release the blockers and can start to create a clear picture of what your ideal business and life looks like. From here on in we create a plan together to bridge the gap from where you are right now, to where that vision board you is!

Module 2 – Shifting Self Talk

After this session we will have uncovered what your self-talk looks like now versus how you want it to be. After sharing my incredible techniques to change the negative self-talk you will understand what you need to do outside the session to start changing the quality of your business day to day. It truly pays to examine the kind of things you are saying to yourself in your business. Your inner dialogue, or what you tell yourself, is actually the thing that determines, above nearly everything else, the quality of your business and life.

Module 3 – Exploring Your Higher Self

After this session you will have a clear idea on what your higher self looks like, acts like and sounds like in your dream business and life. You will have clarity on your bigger vision, and how she is within that so you will know and understand how you can start bringing her into your business today. Together we will uncover the gaps that are missing at the moment, the habits you want to take on and who she is in order for you to step into her today. She will feel closer than ever to the person you are today and you will understand exactly what to do to meet her. 

Module 4 – Creating Higher Self Habits

After this session you will have a clear pathway on how to bring the habits of your higher self into your daily life & business right now. We will work through your patterns, your current habits and the new habits you are taking on whilst setting yourself up for success so these habits stay. Would your higher self be self-sabotaging and wearing PJ’s with holes in them – I think not!

Module 6 – Business Growth Mindset 

After this session you will feel empowered to kick ass in your business. Knowing exactly what to tap into to up your prices, charge high ticket and stand as the expert within your niche. You will uncover your own tailor made growth mindset habits are and how you can track these within your business to know you are always moving forward, both monetary and mindset! We will create a schedule and calendar that feels good to you and starts tapping into the freedom you have always wanted. Being able to go to the yoga class in the middle of the day, coffee with a friend or picking your children up from school.

 Module 7 – Business Money Mindset

At the end of this session you will have a clear idea of where your money blockers are showing from. Where they could potentially be holding you back in your business and what that is doing in your manifestation process. You will have busted the limiting money beliefs that are holding you back from getting to the next level in your business and will have rewired to make sure they are a vibrational match with your goals and desires. This will allow you to equate the amount you need to charge in order to start working towards your goal life, allowing you more money in the business so you can start to outsource or hire a team, leave your full time job and work on the business fully. Allowing for space and time to spend with family as you know and having the belief that the money is always coming.

Act Two : The Visibility Module

Module 1 – Becoming Omnipresent & Visible With Your Business 

By the end of this session we will have broken through the fear of being visible in order to show up consistently and confidently for your audience which positions you as the expert they need to invest in. Creating the confidence from within by working through your own self-worth and letting go of past trauma that could be holding you back from standing in your power online. Being able to know, believe and trust that what you are offering will truly help your ideal client, understanding that is why they need to work with YOU and not being phased with rejections as you are so clear, if it’s a no from them there is someone better out there for you.

 Module 2 – Ideal Client Clarity

Understanding your ideal client is paramount to you succeeding in business, after this session you will understand your ideal client inside out and backwards. This will in turn help with your content, getting clients through the door and speaking straight to your ideal clients heart. Understanding their pains, desires, what makes them tick, their objections and how you are connected with them will give you an incredible insight on what to speak about on your social media, who you are showing up for and how you can help them.

Module 3Mapping Your Content 

After this session we will have created a content strategy that feels aligned to you and your business goals. Seeing where you thrive more online, be it stories, videos, long copy posts, podcasts. Truly understanding which platform / outlet really makes your heart sing and start doing more of that. We will let go of any beliefs you have that are currently holding you back from showing up as your unique self-online and for you to feel confident and easy when posting as you know you are speaking to your people!

Module 4 – Making Visibility Time Efficient 

At the end of this session you will have a clear map and plan on how to batch, show up and create content that allows you to have time freedom in your business. You will understand how to repurpose your content in a way that works for you and your audience. 

Module 5 – Engaging & Selling To Your Ideal Clients 

By the end of this session you will feel confident and clear on how to engage and sell to your clients within your choice of Social Media Platform. You will feel comfortable talking about your offers online, have a schedule of when you do this and understand what works best for your audience in order to get them on calls with you.

Module 6 – Speaking, Summits & Podcasts

After this session we will have created a plan to bring more visibility in your business with speaking gigs, summits and podcast guest experts. We will create a list of possibilities, decided Masterclasses you could run and potential speaking topics. I will share my techniques within the speaking world and get your confident to get yourself out there too.

Act Three : The Business Strategy Module

Module 1 – Solidifying Business Goals 

At the end of this session you will have a clearly mapped out plan for the rest of your business year. Breaking your goals down into both quarterly and monthly goals so you know that every day in your business you are working forwards rather than staying still. You will get access to my goal building asana board that helps you break down your big epic goals into small bite sized doable chunks. I am a firm believer of small actional steps making the biggest shifts in your business. 

Module 2The Money Making Activities 

After this session you will understand the secret sauce of the Power of Three. It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of your business and forget about the money making activities. You will have worked through the blockers that are holding you back from these and what you can be doing every day in your business.


What’s Included…


Start with a deep dive 90 minute intensive


Followed by 16 x 60 minute 1:1 calls, held virtually by zoom


Private voxer support and shared workspace for high touch support in-between calls


Access to Visibility Queen™ group programme


Access to the 1:1 Hub filled with hypnosis tracks, journal prompts & workbooks to aid the subconscious changes




Ready to step into the next level?


Waking up to DM’s saying “can I please book a call with you? I freaking love your energy online”


Stand as the leader in your niche and to be the go-to expert.


Taking big bold action and feeling unstoppable, knowing that what you put your mind to, you succeed at! 

Before I started with Bec, I felt really uncomfortable being in front of the camera. It was so refreshing to work with her – she is warm, approachable and funny but keeps you to account. We dived into so many areas; not just confidence, we also cleared my self-limiting beliefs. I used to think that I wasn’t professional – whatever that means but working with Bec we have cleared that and I feel totally different to how I approach my business now and importantly, how I show up for my clients. I cannot recommend her enough. I have gained so much knowledge and I have lots of materials that she provides, that can be referred back to. I’ve also had some recordings. Honestly, it’s money worth investing, because you’re investing in yourself.

Nila Mistry

Angela Foulds
Coach Connector

Plus these amazing bonuses...

Bespoke Hypnosis Tracks ($400 value)

Your GO-TO empowerment tracks that work with the subconscious mind to increase your confidence for visibility.

Access to Visibility Queen ($797 value)

A  guide that helps you break down your 30 day content plan. Helping you create consistency and confidence.

Access to The Inner Works ($555 value)

The complete mindset foundation tool belt. Incredible resources, videos, workbooks, journal prompts and book recommendations.

What if you showed up in your business like this...


You approach Social Media with proven tools and tactics that make selling a breeze and give you back time to spend on client excellence and creativity in your business.


You’re the most sought after, in-demand authority in your space and people line up to get their eyes, ears, and wallet on what you have to say.


You feel joy and fulfillment daily, instead of anxiety and doubt. YOU ARE A SALES MACHINE, and you deserve every ounce of the good headed your way.


You have the tools and techniques to feel ready to apply for speaking opportunities, guest podcasts and collaborations, creating a further reach for your business and your message.

The Main Stage was created for you…

The sought-after entrepreneur who’s ready for clear, powerful mindset and business tactics that go way beyond bios, grids + the occasional journaling!

Prepare for…

🥂More eyes on your content

🥂Higher Self Mindset 

🥂Consistent engagement and genuine connections

🥂Next-level sales and effortless conversions

🥂Done-for-you resources and verified formulas inside

Do you want to be propelled into the world of 5-figure months?

(Right where you belong.)


Frequently asked questions...

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What is my return on investment?

We are on this journey together, which means you must guarantee your results. If you do that, I can guarantee I’ll be giving you 100% of my skills, knowledge, love and guidance to support you in creating the success you desire. I’ve invested over $50,000 into my own personal and professional development and I share this with you in the program.

How much time does the program require?

This program is built to slot into, and support your current activities.

The content and support are built to get you where you want to go faster and with more clarity and confidence!

Is there a money back guarantee?

All sales are final. Would you want to backtrack on creating visiblity and success your business?

Your ideal clients…

They’re ready for you to change their lives.