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Not only does it simply feel good to believe in yourself, self-belief also brings about other desirable benefits.

You will be glad to know that no one is born without self-belief, all of our topics this week are LEARNT behaviours. How good is that!

Self-belief has to do with how much a person believes in themselves. It encompasses the belief in your values, skills, knowledge, and abilities. Self-believe is very important because it affects a person’s lifestyle and choices.

A person without self-belief will constantly downplay their abilities while settling for less than what they deserve. Most times, the individual takes whatever blow life deals because they do not believe that they deserve better.

So how can we grow our self-belief?

  1.   Know exactly who you want to be?

Let me ask you a question: If you were not afraid, what would you do?

If fear wasn’t an option who would you be?

If you secretly knew the answer what would you have?

I want you to be BOLD in answering these questions. Don’t hold yourself back, don’t judge your answers, let the you that is inside you speak!!

Our doubts and negative thought patterns, overtime make us forget these truths, they bury the real you along with your goals and dreams.

So in order to gain self-belief, we need to work towards our goals whilst pushing away what we worked on yesterday – our low self-esteem.

So, give yourself the space to dream a little, and make a list of all the things you would like to achieve and believe. In the process of doing this, whenever self-doubts spring up, push them away until you create a comprehensive list.

  1. Affirmation, Affirmation, Affirmation.

Self-affirmations are really strong tools that reinforce your belief in yourself. This is because as humans, our self-image influences our behaviour. If you see yourself as one of the best looking people in the world, you will definitely behave like one.

And if you see yourself as the future CEO of a company, you will also act like one. So, what you need to do is see yourself as someone worthy and amazing.

We call this acting as if, now we need an affirmation that goes with that picture.

Affirmations can help you create that image. They are positive statements that knock out doubts, especially when recited aloud and with belief.

For example:

“I am worthy of everything I desire.”

 “I am smart enough to achieve my goals.”

 “I deserve all the best things life has to offer.”

So make a list of affirmations, stand in front of your mirror and say these words to yourself. It does not have to be lengthy. Just four uplifting sentences can help you feel prepared to conquer the world each day.

  1. It’s Time to Face Our Fears.

What is a fear you are holding at the moment?

It could be asking to go part time? It could be inviting the boy or girl out on a date? It could be doing something on your own?

Whatever those fears are for you, I want you to start building this muscle.

The phrase ‘Do one thing a day that scares you’ is batted around in the self-development arena a lot however if we could perhaps, maybe start doing one thing a week that scares us, or one thing a month that scares us we can start to build the muscle.

Every time we do it, it becomes less scary therefore we are able to do it more. And when we succeed in facing our fears we grow our self-belief.

  1. Set Yourself Up to Win

So in order to create that unstoppable self-belief we need to set ourselves up for success.

What is the exact goal you are working towards? Work it back step by step, daily action by daily action to see exactly what you need to do to WIN!

If we set ourselves up for success, make sure everything is in place for our subconsciously mind NOT to start self-sabotaging we will do daily actions so much better.

Remember self-belief is a learned behaviour therefore we need to be taking daily action. If this small ‘ move the needle’ daily actions turn into weekly and monthly actions how much would you achieve in such a short space of time, because you broke it down rather than worrying about the bigger picture.


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