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By comparing our day 1 to someone’s day 100 so to speak, we are setting ourselves up for comparisonitis, fear of it never happening or worse than that, giving up completely. 

So how can we begin to start looking at our own garden and stay to our own path.

1. Remembering the goal is GROWTH and CHALLENGING YOU!

As entrepreneurs, our goal should be growth in every area of our life and business. We should constantly strive to push to peak and new levels in our performance. We want to challenge ourselves but that’s the operative phrase. It’s all about progress against the goals we set — not progress against others.

You don’t know what  other entrepreneurs goals are or what advantage they had. You can’t see the path they took to experience that win. 

2. Comparison is the QUICKEST way to feed the ego.

When we start to compare, you give your self-limiting beliefs and fears the water they need to grow in your mind. It feeds into a belief of you not being enough or worthy of higher levels of success. It erodes your confidence and that will have an effect on your motivation to do the work. Life and business are hard enough. Don’t add unnecessary pressure and new levels of stress.

3. You are on your own personal journey.

You started your business with a vision and dream of accomplishing something amazing. You took the first steps and are “in it” every day working to grow your dream. Entrepreneurship is a journey in which you must make personal choices, goals, strategies, and decisions. If you try to make this about competition and comparison, you’ll go down a path that takes you away from your ultimate vision.

Be strong and confident in yourself and your ability to grow. Realise that there’s more than enough opportunity to build a business that gives you freedom, makes an impact, and creates financial security. Stop comparing and make your competition the goals and new levels of success you set and go after.