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Hello lovely lady and welcome to The Rebecca Haydon Show!

Does this ring a bell? You jumped into being an entrepreneur with rose-tinted glasses and a bubble of positivity to only have it popped right in front of you as you spiral under the weight of working through burnout and no boundaries. You’re at rock bottom, or so you think as you struggle to step into this new identity as CEO with two tonnes of Imposter Syndrome weighing down on your shoulders…You’re run down, deflated, and not sure which way is up. What is the first step? Let’s get you some boundaries beauty! We are here to put the inner chronic people-pleaser, to rest!

This is a story that Adaire Smithwick knew all too well until she started working with me. Adaire is the founder, and CEO of Eleventh House Co, a holistic marketing agency that focuses on putting community at the centre. She first came to me as a hypnosis client and then moving into my 1:1 program. In this juicy episode, we dive into how she transformed herself from rock bottom and believing that she had to do this to earn love, to breaking through that core belief and fully embracing her new identity to step into her higher self. Shifting your identity is hard, but we take a deep dive into developing boundaries, owning your big visions, and stepping into your CEO mindset. So many AHA moments for our mindset lovers out there! Get your notebook out, because this one is going to be a lesson we all need to hear.

Topics covered on setting boundaries:

  • Adaire talks through how within three sessions she shifted her business and mindset completely
  • The two uplevels Adaire has experienced within only 6 months and how it can be a bag of mixed emotions at the beginning
  • Simple boundaries to put in place in your business 
  • The first thing to do to step into the CEO mindset
  • The slippery slope of external validation
  • What the domino effect means when it comes to mindset work
  • The biggest lesson Adaire has learned recently with subconscious work
  • How habitual thoughts can be the thing keeping you from breaking your neural pathways
  • Breaking through the upper limits and what that looks like for a client
  • All about Adaire’s holistic marketing agency, Eleventh House, and their focus on community-led marketing
  • Adaire’s future social media marketing insights and how brands and influencers can really stand out online
  • Adaire shares her quick wins on how you can start building a community online, today!

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