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Hello lovely lady and welcome to The Rebecca Haydon Show!

Are you constantly feeling you are not worthy of charging those higher prices? That you aren’t worthy of receiving those high-ticket clients? Sound familiar?

Improving your self-worth is a huge mindset shift that can have a significant effect on your business success. But you don’t believe you are worth those higher prices so you never charge what you’re truly worth. It’s time we step into the power that you are made for so much more! Because boy, when you can exude unshakeable confidence that you are worth their investment, it will inspire them to actually make it.

Today, I’m bringing onto the show one of my gorgeous clients, Nathalie Alvarado who went through this exact experience. Nathalie is a Marketing & Sales Coach focusing on helping visionary coaches and service providers clarify their message and elevate their magnetism to attract aligned High Ticket clients on repeat and sell their offers with confidence. We take you through her transformational journey into how she truly stepped into her self-worth and self-love which in turn magnetized her power, her messaging, her offers and oh yes, grew her bank account! We also take a glimpse at how she confidently left her 9-5 job and go full-time in her business. She is a true testament to how shaping your mindset can make your wildest dreams your reality!

Topics covered on self-worth:

  • Being lost in the victim mindset while pivoting niches
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome and the effects it had on her ability to show up online
  • Nathalie’s biggest mindset shift and how she broke out of this rooted belief
  • Confidently showing up in her authenticity online to discover her true message and attract her soulmate clients 
  • Her evolution into moving towards becoming a powerful leader & stepping into the new-level coach she desired to be
  • Embodying her self-worth and self-love to receive aligned clients, have a consistent income and quit her full-time job
  • How her business and life have transformed into what it is today
  • How Nathalie helps coaches clarify their message and attract clients through authentic marketing and confident sales
  • Becoming energetically available to step up as that coach who charges high-ticket prices

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