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I could spend money on flashy advertising, but we know as well as you do that honest feedback directly from clients is the most reliable and credible way to gauge how good a product or service really is.

kylie vanderkly

Justine Dolores
Podcast Manager

“In 2 months, I landed my next 3 clients and hit my financial goals – my ideal clients were dropping into my DM’s weekly, I didn’t do outreach or networking they were just coming to me.

That is how much my business has scaled since working with Bec, in fact I have just hired my first team member and I am still getting warm leads for my business.

She is my number one cheerleader, not only on the call but there for you 24/7, sharing your biggest wins and being there for you on your lowest lows”


Jenna Louise
Visibility & Confidence Coach

“I started to put everything into action right from the get go. And I started to see incredible results straightaway. My engagement was increasing. I had people that I hadn’t spoken to in a while were dropping into my DMs and saying, “Jenna, I loving your content, it’s on fire” It was just incredible feedback that I was getting. And on top of that I had ideal clients reaching out to me and telling me that they were finding it really useful”

charmaine jackson

Megan Rose
Mindset & Energy Coach

“She really helped me to see through a different lens, the things that I had created and things I had achieved and really be able to own that. And that gave me that confidence that I was really missing.

It came from like this deep embodied confidence rather than the surface level confidence, or needing validation from outside of myself for that confidence. So that really helped me to just up my content game, change how I showed up, I got discovery calls booked in, I had a woman sign up to my group coaching programme before I launched it, which is amazing.

I really think it came from this true embodied confidence that I got from working with Bec”

kim scotland

Sam Quemby
Mindset Coach

“I knew Beckie was the lady to help me, I knew we would go deep with those limiting beliefs and shift them and she did not disappoint.

Even after the first session I started to step into my authority, my best CEO self. I felt that shift and confidence in myself. Owning my new prices that I have now increased and shared.

I started building trust with myself and within the business and saw the strategy work we did together with content creation allow my business to become easier and now it flows.

She instilled the energy within myself and my business.

Beckie – thank you so much. Anyone thinking of working with Beckie, reach out and do it you will not be disappointed”

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