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Stop Questioning Yourself

Good questions are so unbelievably useful when coaching my clients, but the questions you start asking yourself when you are holding yourself back,  ARE NOT the questions we need in our life.

When we are growing, shifting and working through our limiting beliefs, breaking through our barriers and leveling up as women, our analytical mind comes into play. 

Over the past month I have felt the need to show up in so many new ways. I’ve expressed elements of myself that I thought were better left under lock and key,  and I’ve allowed my true authentic self to emerge to the surface. I have done so much work on breaking down my old identities, behaviours and habits, and in doing so, I’ve brought a new light of trust within me that I keep pushing through. 

During this process our minds tell us that it’s not safe to take this new, next step; that people will be judging us, that people will laugh at us, that people will no longer love us if we start showing up the way we want to. However, it is completely up to us to catch the limiting beliefs, questions and queries, and challenge the HELL out of them!

At the moment, you might hear your analytical mind jumping in to question these big moves, massive decisions and new epic thoughts you are having. It may be doubting your abilities, questioning why you’ve decided to do this when you are definitely NOT ready, wanting to tell you that it’s better to stay EXACTLY where you are – ultimately stopping you from taking that next incredible leap in your life.

The good thing to know is that our true authentic self is always within, and if we sort through the BS of the inner critic, the analytical mind, we start hearing and re-connecting with what we truly want – that helps us break through and beyond any fear that we are facing.

So how can we start to break down the analytic self and start tapping into that true authentic self?

1. Own your own truth! 

Simple eh? However I see so many people using the ‘questioning’ as self-sabotage.

From around the age of 10 we learn to fit in and to try and be the same as everyone – just in case we’re bullied or taunted. We learn not to speak our truth and to live in the shadows. Luckily, I see this changing in our society a little more now, but growing up we learned ways to push our true authentic self down, lock it away and forget about it. 

 Ow thigh, YOU have the right and the choice to own your truth. You have a choice and the right to stop questioning what you’ve always known. You have the permission to say no, to say I don’t agree, to stand in your superpower. When we start coming from a place of pure alignment, the confidence follows us because we are not trying to be anyone but ourselves. 

2. Release Your Mind 

The questioning comes from a busy mind, an occupied mind and mind where you are not allowing space to flow and ease through your day. 

Did you know that humans on average, can have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 negative thoughts per day? Pretty crazy, right?

But here’s the real kicker:

According to neuroscience, the brain is not designed to create happiness. It’s actually designed to survive, which is why we may have so many negative thoughts and constantly question our decisions.

I know how it feels to be so stuck in your mind, that you can’t even hear yourself breath. The words, the doubt and the chatter is so loud that you don’t know what day it is. But it’s time you got out of your head and into your belly. 

Doing practices that really ground you and take you away from your head, such as journaling, meditation, concentrating on the breath, going for a walk, a run or a skip really allows us to ground from within.

3. Ask better serving questions

Like I said at the start, questions can be really insightful, incredible and empowering. But these questions are not usually the questions that pop up when you wake up in the middle of the night! 

Don’t let these sorts of questions control you, and don’t intentionally invite them in. These certain questions (am I good enough springs to mind) are usually played on a loop based habit so make sure you catch yourself and start asking better questions. 

“Without questions, there is no learning”

Questions need to serve us, and serve our life in a good way.

Old Question : I’m never going to do this am I?

Better Serving Question : How can I make sure I achieve this? 

When we start asking better questions, we will start getting better results. We open our mind to the opportunities rather than the negatives. 

So yes, I want you to stop questioning yourself in the wrong way,  and I want you to start using and being in control of powerful better serving questions. 

Give it a go this week and see how you get on! 


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