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The lobster’s shell is hard and can’t expand. So as it grows the shell gets tighter and tighter…..and the poor lobster gets more and more uncomfortable because it is stuck in that constricting shell……


The Rabbi explains that if the lobster could go to a doctor it would probably be prescribed Valium so it could stop worrying about feeling uncomfortable and could get on with its life.


But because it doesn’t have that option, the lobster gets so uncomfortable that it decides to do something about it.


So it goes somewhere safe, sheds it shell, and grows a new one that fits its better.


The lobster repeats this multiple times as it grows bigger and bigger.

Each time, it’s the discomfort that encourages the lobster to grow a new shell.


Without this discomfort, it would stay small. It would stay within its comfort zone.


It’s the same for us.


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