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Feeling successful, being successful, having success every single day.

That’s what we want 


But so often, I see women fearing that success.

Fearing what success might bring, fearing what that success might look like.

Will I be judged, will I have time.


But you know exactly what it looks like.


It looks like when you journal or you close your eyes and you see your dreams and your goals come to life.


That’s what success is, you’re ready.


I know you’re ready, and there is no need to fear it.

Because when we fear success,

Our subconscious mind links it to the pain.

And success isn’t painful for us.


It’s maybe a little different. Maybe we haven’t felt it before. Maybe we haven’t allowed ourselves to feel it before.


So right now, as you’re listening to this, I want you to go back to a time that you are most proud of something that you’ve done in your life that you are extremely proud of.


Go there now.


Feel how it feels.

See what you see, hear what you hear, really feel the feelings of being so proud. Stand in that success.


How does it feel?

Does it feel good?

Or does it feel scary?


Because I can imagine that it doesn’t feel scary at all.

It feels amazing.


So it’s time to smell the roses.

It’s time to stop in your tracks.

And notice all the amazing things you have already done.


Yes, we might have shiny object syndrome. But actually, if we stop, we stop right now and start to reflect on the amazing things that we’ve done. The things that we’ve already achieved the things that we have been successful we make it part of our every day.


Every day I get to feel successful because you are successful.


Let’s not hide away from it.

Let’s embrace it.

Let’s know that we do not need to fear success.


Because you are, you already are successful and will carry on being successful.


Just allow yourself, the success.


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