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We all have a mission on our heart.

We all have a message we want to share.


We all have moments in our life where the message and the mission don’t feel quite right.


But every time you tap into your values, you seek out what feels right to you.


You speak about things that align to you in your life. And you get so clear on what lights your soul, what fills your cup. And at that moment, at that moment, you need to stand and say,

“This is me, this is my message, this is my mission.”


Because a lot of the time, we can get stuck.

We can get stuck in our own limiting beliefs.

We can get stuck in comparing ourselves, we can get stuck in thinking that other people’s messages must be the same as ours.


I should do what she’s doing.

I should speak how she’s speaking, I should show up like she’s showing up.


But actually, that’s misaligning with yourself.


And the moment that you tap into what it looks like for you, is the moment that it will feel right.


It will feel right when you turn on the camera.

It will feel right when you talk about your services.

It will feel why when you’re creating your products, your packages, creating the business of your dreams.


And each time you look back within for the answers, they will be there.


I promise they will be there.


We don’t need to look externally for the answers.

We don’t need to copy externally for the answers because the answers are already within.


So listen.


Listen to that mission to that message to that purpose to that drive that’s on your heart.


Know that you already have all the answers you need within you the confidence you need within you.


You just have to tap into it.


Tap into it with your heart and soul, align it with you align it with your life.


Put on your blinkers face forward and know that this is your mission.


Your mission to spread your message to spread your love, no one else’s.


And just know that every single time you tap into what aligns with you and ask yourself for the answers.


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