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“I want to be selling my services with confidence and talk about them regularly online”


Before I start working with clients they get a journal prompt document sent to them.


One of the things I see come up, again and again, is they want to be confident with their services and be able to talk about them online.


A big shift for me and my business was when I ACTUALLY started talking about my services, how you can work with me, and what the transformation looks like because yes, we can give all this value and show up online but if you are not talking about your services, how do people know they can work with you?


So when you have this MASSIVE mission on your heart, why is it so difficult to talk about your services?


Here is a couple I see…

1. Imposter Syndrome

2. Fear of Judgement 

3. Fear of People Note Buying

4. Perfectionism

5. Unsure of Offer & Price


I am sure you could add to this list.


But I will tell you now, the first place I started was with the belief that I COULD sell my offers, I COULD talk confidently about my offers and people WILL buy!


If you are feeling any of the above or want to be more confident talking about your offer online, work through these journal prompts today and let me know what happens…


Where does the belief in myself sit at the moment when talking about my services online?

Where would I like it to be?

What does it look like daily if I trust and know that people want to hear about my services?

How do I show up online when I believe that people are ready to buy?

How does it feel in my body if I believed and trusted that people are ready to buy?


This is just the beginning of the process but it all starts with AWARENESS!


Within my 5 Month 1:1 Container, we cover both Money Making Activities, Business Growth Mindset, and Engaging and Selling to Your Ideal Clients, it’s so incredible to see my clients showing up speaking about their services with ease, and converting and it can happen for you too!


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