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How do I script? 👇🏻


1. Use the present tense

This part is very important. When scripting, you want to act as if you already had what you wish to manifest. Let’s say that you wish to manifest your first 5k month…

When scripting, you could write: This morning I woke up a gorgeous client saying yes to herself. This means that I have made 5k this month and wow I feel on top of the world. The sun is beaming through the window of my beautiful house and filling the room with warmth and all I want to do is dance and celebrate this gorgeous lady. I am so happy that I cannot stop from smiling ear to ear as I am writing these lines…

When scripting, imagine yourself in the future and describe how future-you feels at that moment.

To do so correctly, use the present tense as much as possible.


2. Be as precise as you can.

The goal of scripting is to create a whole vision of yourself as if you already had manifested your desire. The more details you can write down, the more powerful your manifestation will be.

This is really an exercise in imagination. Try to really dig deep and describe all the things.

What are you wearing?

What are you doing that day?

What emotions are you feeling?

Where are you and who are you with?

Write down are much detail as you possibly can. Really bring your vision to life. Do not hesitate to go all in. This is your manifestation, make it as incredible as you wish.


3. Involve emotions

When scripting, don’t forget to feel amazing. Emotions are a big part of the scripting process.

While scripting you must manage to also imagine yourself in the vision that you are creating and feel the emotions you are describing.

You must be turned on about what you are scripting. By involving your emotions, you are also starting to vibrate at a higher frequency which will only make your manifestation that more powerful.


4. Focus on what you want rather than on what you do not want

For example :

“I don’t want to be in debt anymore” You are giving thought to being in debt, therefore you will attract more debt.

“I really wish I wasn’t out of shape like this” You are focusing on being out of shape and you will attract more of that into your life.


If you are focusing on what you don’t have or don’t want, you will send out a message of lack to the Universe and you will attract more lack into your life.


5. Make it an enjoyable experience

Create a ritual for scripting. Is it music? Is it the atmosphere you create? Really tap into the present moment and play the movie into reality.

The more you can feel into the things you are writing and visualise them to already be true, the quicker you can shift into the vibration and energy of them being your reality.

Script the plot you would like to live.


Are you going to try scripting this week?