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Are you a reassurance-seeker? 5 Things That Happen When You Trust Yourself in Business [ep.101]

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Hello lovely lady and welcome to Higher Self and I!

Quick question…when you trust yourself what does that look like…better yet, what does that feel like when you have allowed yourself to trust yourself in this moment? If you are having trouble answering that question then perhaps you are exactly the reassurance seeker that I want to help bust that belief and gain the confidence that I know deep down you can hold!  I want you to trust yourself more, this is why I’ve launched my new masterclass TRUST. When you play into the reassurance seeker there is this disconnect to playing bigger, you are waiting for the pat on the back to say “YES! You’re heading in the right direction”…Sorry beauty, that isn’t going to fly. 

You and I both know that you can not build the business you long for by holding out on the trust department. Your CEO self (the one you yearn to be) is not a reassurance seeker, they stand strong in their decision, they stand strong in themselves and this comes from an unwavering TRUST they have in themselves. And THAT beauty is what we are going to tap into in today’s episode! Are you ready to step into this space?

Topics covered on Reassurance-Seeker:

  • How a lack of trust affects so many areas of your life
  • What does reassurance seeker mean and how you can tell if you are one too
  • What reassurance seekers lack
  • The difference between my clients and you listening right now
  • My experience with trust or lack thereof and reassurance seeking 
  • Get ready to close your eyes as I walk you through a trust exercise
  • How trust holds you in your business
  • How to step into your CEO role
  • What makes you the CEO of your business
  • 5 things that happen when you trust yourself in business
  • How reassurance seekers and procrastinators are cut from the same cloth
  • How my clients reap abundance from the trust they have within themselves
  • All about Trust. the masterclass

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