3 Mindset Shifts You Need to Raise Your Prices [ep.110]

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Hello lovely lady and welcome to Higher Self and I!

Raising prices. Two words that either make you cringe or get you excited, which camp are you sitting in?

Many of my clients and people in my community feel uneasy about raising their prices. They find it really hard because of how it FEELS to ask for more money, the pressure of: “What will my clients say when I put my money up?” or “Who am I to charge that much money for my services?”. If those fears come up for you, you know it’s time to do some identity work!

You absolutely have the right to charge more for your services, but first, we need to make your subconscious mind feel safe to rise the prices and make your RAS filter aware of the upcoming change.

Are you ready? Tune in as I talk about the three mindset shifts that you need so you can raise your prices in 2023, the energy you need to lean into to call in the ideal client who is ready to invest with you, how to find the sweet spot when setting the new level of pricing, and much more!

Topics covered on Raising Prices:

  • What to look at before you start diving into mindset shifts to raise your prices
  • What comes up for my clients and people in my community when we talk about raising prices
  • Rethinking your ideal client, if you raise your prices is she/he still your IDEAL client 
  • How do I change my energy when talking to different ideal clients about different offers
  • How to get into the energy of calling in your ideal client
  • An exercise I do with my clients to find the sweet spot when raising prices
  • What questions to ask yourself to get comfortable with your new pricing 
  • Mental rehearsal I do with my clients to step into their new identity with the next level of pricing

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