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1.What do you have control over? 


In the entrepreneur space, we need to have a certain excitement about the mystery of what is to come. The universe truly works in mysterious ways and we cannot control every single outcome (which I find exciting, I don’t know about you?). However we can have some level of integrated masculine when it comes to taking action with bringing clients in. 


So what are your needle moving activities? What are your money making tasks? What are the actions you can take that meet the universe halfway when it comes to bringing you clients?


For example: 

  1. Knowing your ideal client, inside out and backward so they feel seen and heard

  2. Creating compelling content that allows you to stand as the expert 

  3. Have an irresistible product suit that has a clear message of who it’s for and what the transformation is 

  4. Show up consistently and be visible so your ideal clients can know, like and trust you

  5. Talk about your offers regularly so people are aware of how they work with you

  6. Deal with objections if and when you know the client is ready just fear is showing up 

  7. Create omnipresence with your business so wherever your client looks, there you are.

These are just a few examples of what I do in my business that I know brings consistent clients through the door and there are many other practices I do to support this.


If you know you are owning your money making actions and needle moving activities you are doing your half. It’s then up to the ideal client to decide if you are the right business / coach for them. 


2. Dive into the belief itself.


“People would rather invest in someone else than me” – where did this come from? If you were to close your eyes and ask your subconscious mind where you took this on, what do you hear? What feelings, beliefs, thoughts are attached to this limiting belief. 


Write it at the top of your piece of paper and ask yourself – what positive learnings can I take from the time I took this on?


Take note, and keep digging until you find a positive learning that allows you to see this belief differently. 


From there, ask yourself – what belief is going to serve me better when it comes to creating consistent clients in my business. 


Knowing that what you focus on is what you get, what are you deciding to think instead? It doesn’t have to be unicorns and fairies, I want you to believe it, I want you to embody it and I want you to practice it. 


You can have ideal clients falling into your DM’s on a daily basis, so it’s time to let go of the beliefs that don’t serve you. Because “People would rather invest in someone else than me” is not one of them!


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