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Nothing Changes If You Don’t Change Internally. 

Welcome to episode 1 of the Business Boss Lady Series. 


On this week’s podcast, I talk to the beautiful Helena Donald.


Helena is a Tapping into Wealth Practitioner, Money Mindset Expert and Success Coach. She works with ambitious women to radically release their internal blocks, fears and limiting beliefs so they can shatter their inner glass ceiling and reach the levels of wealth and prosperity that they not only desire, they also deserve. Helena is also a sales coach for multi-million dollar companies, the author of Learning to Love the Girl in the Mirror and the host of The Girl Unfiltered Podcast.


In this episode, we talk about how Helena hit rock bottom with 79 cent in her bank account and how she had to break down to break through. She now knows that she is the creator of her life and always has the power to make magic happen. We also talk through the breakthroughs we have both had and how doing the inner work is so important because truly nothing changes if you don’t change internally. You can achieve anything that you put aligned mind to!



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