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Why Your Money Story Is Holding You Back From Massive Wealth[ep.109]

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Hello lovely lady and welcome to Higher Self and I!

Do you find yourself having the same money issues all over again? Do you feel like you are stuck on the same monthly revenue, whether it’s 2K, 5K, or 10K? Maybe one month you finally hit your dream number, and you think: “Yes, finally! I made it! It will just go higher and higher from here!” But when the next month comes, you go back to the same income as previous months. You thought that was your big break, so what the heck happened? It almost feels like an invisible force holds you back from stepping into the next level of wealth, right?

That’s you and your money story, beauty! I hear this with my one-on-one coaching clients all the time. They feel like they hit a wall and can’t climb over it, no matter how hard they try. Then they start feeling stagnant and wonder why they are stuck in the current reality, why they can’t step into that higher version of themselves and attract massive wealth. In today’s podcast episode, I help you to do exactly that! Tune in as I share with you how you can identify your money story, where it came from, what you make it to mean about you and your business, how you can shift into the new identity of your new money story, and much more!

Topics covered on Money Story:

  • What to do when you hit a wall and start feeling stagnant in your business
  • A little challenge for you to identify your money story
  • How to identify your behaviour around money
  • Some of my biggest money stories and what experiences created them
  • Journal prompts to help you become aware of your money story
  • When do we take on our biggest learnings around money
  • Why do you need to detach yourself from money
  • How did I help my client to shift into the identity of the new money story
  • What is a Friday Money Date and why should you start having it too
  • Friday Money Date exercise that will help you to step into control of your money
  • Why do you find yourself having the same money struggles all over again
  • How can I support you in stepping into the next level of wealth

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Higher Self and I is the podcast for ambitious female entrepreneurs who are ready to achieve and sustain mind-blowing results in their biz. It’s a show that will release you of your victim mindset and give you complete freedom and energy to jump into the self you always knew you could be. Each week, Rebecca Haydon will help you lock your mindset into gear and empower you to step into the person you always knew you were meant to be – a bad-ass CEO who is here to claim her freaking millionaire life!

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