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Ever felt like you are on the edge of something amazing, standing right on the edge.

Big breath in.

It’s just you, and the open air.

And that air represents your comfort zone.

That open-air is where the magic happens. And you know, you know inside, all you need to do is take the leap.


Take the leap of faith.


Knowing that as you jump off that edge, something’s someone the universe, whoever you believe, will catch you. Catch you as you smell and elevate and elevate you higher and higher.


You can feel it.

It’s right there.


Leap off the edge of your comfort zone, into the most amazing time of your life. You’re there, you’re in you’re flying free. You feel the wind across your skin, you’ve taken the leap. You’ve made it work, you’ve trusted yourself, you believe in yourself, you’ve believed in the greater of you. Because you know that you are going to be held no matter what you do.


How wonderful does that feel?

To trust yourself.


To know that you are enough no matter what you do, to stand in that power to soar in that power. And to know that taking the leap. Yes, it was scary. But it was God damn worth it.

And every time you come to that edge, you remind yourself of the last time, you took the leap and how you were supported throughout. Someone was always there to catch you. Someone something and most of the time you caught yourself. You open your arms, you let yourself fall off the edge. And the wind caught you the knowing the believing the trusting the being.


It’s got you.

So you’re ready.

Are you ready to take the leap.


You go into the sky into the unknown. The unknown is magic. Where you get to be, do and have everything you’ve wanted to do your whole life by just taking your one foot off that edge, allowing yourself to saw like the bird that you saw higher and higher. And every time you know that when you come to that edge.


All you need to do is trust.


Trust that there’s something bigger than you that’s going to catch you trust that you are enough. You are all You are everything you are everyone and know and believe and trust and be and do and have and just take the leap because there’s never a right time.

There’s never going to be a time where you feel 100% ready. So this is it.


Take the leap.


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