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You Won’t Survive as an Entrepreneur Treating Your Business Like a Hobby.⁣

I’ll never forget when my first business coach asked me “so how much have you made in your business so far?”⁣

It was hard to answer that, you know why – I didn’t have a CLUE!⁣

From that day, everything changed. I went from the ‘this is a hobby business’ mentality to ‘I am a business owner and boss lady’ mentality.

It’s very easy when you start your business to feel overwhelmed like you have 1000 things to learn and have imposter syndrome slip in. ⁣

So I hear and see you: ⁣

  • Flitting from one idea to the other and never following through. ⁣
  • Not being consistent online (showing up for two weeks then hiding for 3).⁣
  • Feeling overwhelmed from how much you ‘don’t know yet’⁣
  • Comparing your number 1 to other people’s number 10. ⁣

It’s time to step into the business boss mentality and take the journey by the horns, confidently!!⁣

⁣Where are you sitting on the table at the moment? ⁣

Is it time to move from the sparadict choices, to consistent confident choices? 

Something VERY exciting is coming in 3 days! 

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