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The 3 session intensive to break through your limiting beliefs, reconnect online and take your business to the next level.


In The Spotlight



Who is this for?

These sessions are for female business owners who are craving a burst of support to help them break through in to next level in business and start becoming onimpresent online.


Belief’s we can work through:

  • It’s never worked before, why would it work now?
  • People just don’t like me. 
  • I’m not good enough/I don’t know enough.
  • I’m not ready yet to share my voice.
  • Why would anyone care anyway?
  • I can’t earn the income I desire.
  • I can’t create the income I want working the hours I want to.
  • It’s hard to find the right clients.

So what can we work on?


  • We will create clarity of who you are showing up for.
  • You will understand your ideal clients pains, desires, objections and how to create connection.
  • Get crystal clear on your content pillars.


  • Grow through my Limiting belief removal, breaking the chain of disbelief in yourself and removing comparison.
  • Set up your habit tracker for success.
  • Map out your hypnosis and mantra tracks.


  • Remove the money blockers holding you back right now.
  • Plan for the departure of your 9-5.
  • Set up a bespoke plan for investment in business / investment in 1:1 coach.

What's Included?

3 x 1 Hour Sessions

30 Minute Catch Up Call

14 Day accountability support via Voxer to guide you through the changes

Hypnotherapy recording to support the pattern changes and strategy shifts

Bespoke journal prompts to support the changes

Bespoke mantra/affirmation track for you to become obsessed with (like the rest of my clients)

When you show up, so does your success and confidence. All you need to do is decide. I’ll help you with the rest.


I’m so excited for you!


kim scotland

Kim Scotland
Sales Page & Lead Generation Coach

“I reached out to Bec because I was struggling to put myself and my business out there. I think in the back of my mind, I was worried that I couldn’t deliver the results I promised my clients, even though logically, I knew that I had all the skills I needed. After our session, I felt really calm and at ease. The changes as a result of the session have been really subtle, but effective. The techniques she gave me have definitely had a big impact on me and my confidence going forward. Even before the session, I felt that back was invested in my success. throughout the session I felt totally at ease and afterwards I felt so much more confident in myself and my abilities.”