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👉🏻 Imagine if you had a rock solid tailored content strategy rooted in consistency and conversion?

…celebrating ideal clients ‘dropping into the DM’S’ weekly’ or consistent discovery calls booked whilst you were sleeping? 😴

Imagine this being your reality in three 1:1 bespoke sessions?

    Visibility QUeen

    The three session action taking 1:1 container that empowers you to become irresistibly visible online creating content that consistently converts your ideal dreamy clients.

    What if you… 

    👉🏻 Had a structure, the knowledge and the knowing that you can create compelling content that converts your ideal clients without having to do outreach.

    👉🏻 Were so magnetic to your ideal clients from the message you share and the energy you bring online.

    👉🏻 Had a bespoke visibility content strategy system for selling online which brings in consistent clients.

    👉🏻 Woke up to DMs from people wanting to sign up to work with you.

    The thing is, that doesn’t feel like your reality now, does it?


    Let me know if this sounds familiar?

    •  You struggle to create content that actually converts your amazing community into clients… you have lots of ideas but not sure what to do with them.
    • You are hearing “I am not interesting enough” and “I feel I’m there but no one is listening” in your own mind far too often.
    • You sit down to write a post or show up on stories but MIND BLANK sets in or perfectionism rears its ugly head and you find yourself editing it 100 times before you release it.
    Girl, it doesn’t have to feel this way.

    Converting through your content is possible for you, in fact your ideal clients are waiting for you! 

    & I am ready to show you how.

    Visibility Queen Photo

    I created my own methods, conversion hacks, and visibility tactics to truly help ambitious female entrepreneurs like you use content to generate leads, show up as the expert and become a client attraction queen.

    What I am about to teach you, over the last six months, has allowed me to sign the most incredibly aligned clients, reach 20k+ months and stand as the visibility expert. Now it’s time to teach you how too!

    Hey, I’m Bec,

    Visibility & Conversion Queen, specialising in helping ambitious female entrepreneurs create unstoppable confidence, so they can show up as themselves, create more visibility in their business online and become fully booked online.

    Last year, creating content that converts used to SCARE the S**T of of me, in fact I used to say “I started this business to be a coach not a marketing expert..”

    Sitting down to write content would take hours, well days, and converting from it was a different story! I just didn’t understand how I could speak to my ideal clients and convert them into paying customers.

    I spent a full year honing my strategy and mindset that allows me to be a magnet to my ideal clients and now I have reverse engineered my process, bringing in my famous ideal client clarity bible into an EMPOWERING strategy so you can implement in your power.

    Think action taking, immersive and RESULTS – that’s what you will get with Conversion Queen!


    What's Included?

    3 x 1 Hour Biweekly Sessions

    6 weeks accountability support via Voxer to guide and empower you

    Hypnotherapy recording to support the new conversion confidence online


    I’m so excited for you!