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Attracting your ideal clients so they drop in your DM’s and say “I’M IN” is so much more than the downloadable sales script you purchased for $7. 

 It’s a vibelicious process that should be fricking empowering and enjoyable.


Especially as an action taking female entrepreneur who has been programmed to believe she…

1. Is a sleazy car salesman if she speaks about her offer ‘too much’

2. Voices her opinions or show up entirely honest that she will somehow end up turning off her audience versus bringing them in

3. Has to spend 4 hours in the DM’s trying to justify to unaligned clients why they should work with her. 


I’ve been at this whole attraction marketing strategy and mindset thing for a while now and reached 6 figures of revenue in 2022 alone. 


And I still come up against those same inner voices:

But you know what I’ve realised?

You can still have a content strategy that converts your ideal clients with ease and show the real you on your social media and have receive the ‘I’m IN’ DM’s when self doubt is still in the room.

In fact, selling with ease actually speeds up your business growth. 

This is something I deep dive into in my BRAND NEW program.


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