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What you can expect while you are in hypnosis

While you are hypnotised you will not be asleep, you will actually be directed at being more conscious about specific thoughts, sounds, images, such as your imagination, self-talk, and feelings.

You will hear everything I say to you and will remember everything that takes place.

The hypnotic feeling is very similar to how you feel at night, just prior to falling asleep, often very relaxed and at ease. Everyone can be hypnotised.

However, have you ever tried to do things with just will power?

Most people don’t have the will to do what needs to be done, that’s why they come to a hypnotist in the first place. Hypnosis supports the will and the subconscious beliefs surface and change so you can comfortably create the motivation to keep going.

However, at a subconscious level, you will reprogram a belief you have but wish you didn’t. Like if you currently believe you have no confidence or motivation to succeed, after hypnosis you may discover that deep within, you have the confidence and have now built the motivation which you need.


Concern busting

You may have read or heard that you can never be made to do anything against your will. This is sort of true, if I told you to go rob every bank in the world and bring all the money back to me in a truck, you would open your eyes bringing yourself out of hypnosis, and walk out of the room.

Some people are concerned that you may stay in hypnosis. This is nothing to be concerned about. You’re more likely to stay in hypnosis watching a late-night movie than being professionally hypnotised! Hollywood has never done any favours to understanding hypnosis, this has just created more myths. In the history of the world, there has never been a terminal case of hypnosis.

Please know that you will not be volunteering any information and you can even lie while you are hypnotised if you want to. This is a fact found true with years of forensic hypnosis research.


Expectation 1:

After the track is over, you WILL find yourself eliminating the old behaviours that have been holding you back. You will instantly begin to establish new thoughts and patterns that will lead you to the success that you desire and deserve.

You know what needs to be implemented in order to achieve success. You already have the abilities that are necessary. I cannot give you an ability that you do not already have. I can help you start using your abilities and “STOP the old habit of self-sabotaging yourself”.

In the past, you may have seemed as if you were taking 3 steps forward and then 2 steps back. Today, we will be eliminating those backward steps and start moving forward.

You will begin to see the improvement almost immediately. It will become more apparent to you each and every passing day. Step by step, moment by moment you will start experiencing amazing results with the change you make from hypnosis.


Expectation 2:

After this conscious hypnosis track, together with some regular self-hypnosis. You will start to notice several positive changes. You will feel more motivated. You will catch yourself starting to put off doing tasks, and then find the inner strength to push forward.

Many people say as if they are not only more inspired and motivated but at the same time, they feel as if they are working smarter rather than harder.



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