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There is a lot of noise around video at the moment and rightly so. After looking at statistic after statistic and being home for most of 2020 due to Covid-19, I hope you can see the importance of being visible and using video in your business. 

But just in case you missed a few of those stats: 

  • 71% of people watch more video than they did a year ago. (HubSpot)
  • Videos attach 300% more traffic and help to nurture leads. (MarketingSherpa)
  • 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands. (HubSpot)
  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined. (G2 Crowd)

I teach female entrepreneurs to become visible and confident online through video, social media strategies and mindset magic, to become the GO-TO expert in their field enabling them to attract epic clients – but before they come to me, these are usually the things that are holding them back…

  • Fear of judgement – from friends, family, previous colleagues, anyone and everyone.
  • What if they mess up their words whilst on a live or in video
  • They are not sure where it starts when it comes to video – how to batch, save time, show up confidently 
  • Imposter syndrome central – they feel they have all this knowledge in their head but will people listen 

The list could go on, and if you are agreeing with any of them then you are in the completely right place. 

It wasn’t peaches and cream for me to get on video when I started my business. 

Seven years ago I was trying to make it in the Performing Arts Industry. Constantly given scripts to memorise, costumes that my character played and wigs that my character wore. I performed on many stages, some as big as 3,500 seats, but I will tell you now – I NEVER PLAYED REBECCA HAYDON! ⁣

The day I started my business and started showing up, as well ME, it felt so strange. ⁣⁠

I didn’t feel good enough and actually felt that I had to make up a character because I was afraid to just be me. I had to train my brain to know that it was actually ok to just show up as me, warts and all.

So these tips will help you through because they helped me through and now I am able to show up with ease and confidence in all forms of video and visibility in my business and if I can do it, you can do it too!

1. I know I want to share my message 

I started my business for a reason. I am obsessed with how we can change our mindset and create a different life and through training and qualifications I have learnt all these incredible skills, all these techniques and all this knowledge it almost feels selfish keeping it to myself! That boosts me to get on camera and create changes for others.

2. I am always myself 

People want to know, like and trust you – so you don’t need to pretend to be anyone but you when you are on camera. The best part of this – I allow myself to mess up, it shows that you are a normal human being just like them!

3. The buzz I get when I’ve done it 

It honestly matches the feeling I used to get when I was taking a bow at the end of a show. I always feel such an EPIC buzz after I’ve done a live, or training or insta story. This is truly where I know I have found my zone of genius. 

4. Prepare

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” 

A lot of people think they need to just turn the camera on and talk, no notes, no preparation – and yes of course you can do this but if you want to get the correct teaching across, it is absolutely fine to have notes and even better to have practiced beforehand. Take some time writing down the key points, make it easy to digest and easy to read so you aren’t constantly taking your eyes away from the camera – but remember when Ant and Dec still use notes!

5. Change my body language

Nothing better than shifting your body which in turn shifts your mindset before getting on camera. Choose your go to empowering song, shake it out, have a dance before or sit up straighter than usual. A great tip you can try is standing up whilst recording, it really does change your energy and allows more movement in your body and your arms. Remember your physiology changes your psychology! 

So by consistently and repeatedly using these 5 steps you can start showing up confidently on camera every single time you press go! 

Which one are you going to try today?