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Hello lovely lady and welcome to The Rebecca Haydon Show!

As humans, we naturally gravitate towards those who we connect with. Connection is HUGE when it comes to trusting someone whether it be personal or business. Showing your vulnerability online is one key way to building that connection because it bridges the gap between you and your ideal clients. Think about it, if all I did online were to show up saying things were peaches and cream, how relatable would that really be? When you are going through the hard times, feeling overwhelmed, showing that you are breaking through your own limiting beliefs you seem attainable. You’re not perfect, your not untouchable and most of all it makes you human! So how do I use my vulnerability to sign me clients?

In this episode, I’ll be reassuring you that showing your vulnerable side doesn’t make you weak; showing your signature stories can play a huge part in conversion. Learn the easy way that I share my vulnerability and I step you through the exact timing I share this particular content to create the most impact. Get ready for some juicy goodness that will help you help your ideal clients connect with you on a more personal level and in turn sign on with you because you “get them”. This is your little push to share vulnerable content to create that connection…are you ready?

Topics covered on Vulnerability:

  • The surprising feedback I received at the recent Nashville mastermind
  • How to add vulnerability into your content strategy
  • A sneak peek at next week’s episode which is all about sharing my struggling coach story 
  • How being in the UK feels and why I have been slightly freaking out…
  • The importance of having vulnerability in your content
  • Behind the curtain of coaching my clients and how I connect with them
  • When the best time is to share your vulnerable content and when you should just hit pause
  • How to transform your darkest moments into empowerment to help your clients and community
  • Content prompts to use when planning out your vulnerable content
  • What format and inspiration makes the best fricken vulnerable content that creates that connection your ideal client craves

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