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1. Know what the results look like…  

  • Do you actually know what the results look like to you?
  • Are they your results or the results someone else has got so you believe you need to have?
  • What will these results give you in your business?

When we are heading towards a destination that we aren’t actually sure on, no wonder we never really get there. That’s like me asking you to fly to Australia, no flight number, no time, destination, what to pack, how hot it’s going to be or what we are going to be doing (ps. We would have a hoot – come and visit anytime you want). But it’s the same for the subconscious mind. When we are really vague with where we are heading, the subconscious doesn’t know what to focus on, it has no concept of what’s happening. So get super duper clear on what this looks like. 

Results in your business can look completely different to the next person, it might not be how many clients you have signed or how much money you have made (which is important – that’s not what I am saying) but it could be, how you get to feel everyday in your business, it could be how many women you get to inspire in your facebook group, how many podcast interviews you have done, what investments you have made, have you hired a team member. All of these things are results – they are results of you changing and shifting as a person and your business growing and shifting to new audiences too.

  • So what does ‘results’ look like to me?
  • What have I achieved in my personal growth?
  • What have I achieved in my business growth?

Where am I going (girl it looks good I can feel it).

2. Stop making it so external 

Just like I said at the start, it’s very easy to turn to the external part of results to know that you are doing a good job. 

  • ‘Oooo a client signed – that means I am good at what I do’
  • ‘Yes – I hit 10k followers – that means people want to hear what I have to say’

It’s very easy to pin our results on external factors but we have to bring in back to the internal. What are these results actually going to give you? If you took a long look inside – what do these results give you?

  • Freedom?
  • Love?
  • Happiness?
  • Peace?
  • Worthiness?

What does making 10k a month ACTUALLY give you – because 9 times out of 10 it’s not the result we are craving it’s the feeling we get from the results. So if we can bring that feeling into everyday life we can let go of the resistance behind the belief of the results, and the results will come as a byproduct.

So in step two – I want you to go back to step one and ask yourself, with all these results what is it I’m actually reaching for? What is the internal feeling I will get from these external factors and how can I bring that into my day now. 

  • How can I feel freedom today?
  • How can I feel love today?
  • How can I feel happiness today?

3. What is in that belief system…

Holding the belief in yourself even through the trickiest of times, I am sure you have been there where you just want to throw the towel in (I certainly have). But you carried on didn’t you, so there is the belief in there that you CAN do this. 

So in the times where you feel you can’t go on, I should jack it in and go back to my 9-5 making sure the belief system allows us to move through these times.

Now this can come from changing the neural pathways which is what I do with my clients through NLP and hypnosis, it could come through journaling, meditating, affirmations and mantras but you want to make sure you have every tool in your toolbelt to whip out at these times.

One handy technique you can use is changing those limiting belief sentences into questions. 

If those results aren’t coming and you’ve done step one and two and still feel like throwing the towel in – what is the ego saying?

  • I am not good enough for this.
  • This is never going to happen.
  • How am I ever going to make the money I want to make.

All of these sentences when you say them in your mind are full stopped sentences, no room for maneuver. What I want you to do is pop a question mark onto the end…

  • I am not good enough for this?
  • This is never going to happen?
  • How am I ever going to make the money I want to make?

This makes us curious, it allows us to ask the question – see if it truly is right or just a BS belief that is showing up because it’s a little hard right now.

So to wrap up, what do the results actually look like to you? What are you getting from the external results and how can you create that internally every day and start asking questions on those beliefs instead of believing them as done sentences. 

There are always going to be ups and downs on this rollercoaster journey of entrepreneurship – you’ve got this girl! I believe it and so do you.


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