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If you are struggling to bring in that juicy flow of consistent clients, you’re not alone. So many female business owners with big dreams and goals deal with the same thing (how do I know – because I was there too 🙋🏼‍♀️)


Do you know how they turned it around?


1. They stopped looking for the HOW ❓


Constantly wanting to know ‘the how’ can seriously trip you up, stop you in your tracks, and completely allow you to get in your own way. Think of the last client you signed, did you know the EXACT time, date, reason, post, message they would send in order for you to sign them. Absolutely not. Bring it away from the how and move to the belief that it’s already on the way.


At the end of the day if we knew HOW everything was going to happen in our lives and business it would be so bloody boring!


2. They got super clear who those clients looked like and spoke to them directly 🙋🏼‍♀️


The moment you get so clear on who the ideal clients are for you, not just their pain points and desires, their objects and wants, but also how they are as people, you start to call in the right clients for you.


My clients:

🌟 Complete action takers

🌟 Big dreamers with a big mission

🌟 So ready for the change

🌟 Big message on their heart

🌟 Currently getting in their own way

🌟 Belief and trust in the mindset process


When creating and speaking about my packages, I don’t want to sign every Tom, Dick, and Harry, I purposely speak to those who I know, we will work together and get such incredible results.


Are you speaking to everyone right now?


3. They asked for the sale 💸


One of the biggest changes in my business with both revenue and growth was when I started asking for the sale. Your followers, community, warm leads are not mind readers and if you are not asking for the sale you are doing them a disservice. You are here to help them, guide them, teach them and they won’t know that until you make them aware.


4. They showed up as if it was already happening 🍾


Oh higher self, how I love you so. In order to shift to the right vibrational level, the quickest and easiest way is to pretend it’s already happening. Book the time out in your diary ready for that new client, imagine & script them booking their discovery call and saying yes, show up every day in your business knowing you already have those consistent clients. How different would you turn up then?


Remember – what you focus on is what you get? If you focus on the fact you don’t have consistent clients, guess what, YOU WON’T HAVE CONSISTENT CLIENTS.


Which step has resonated for you and what are you going to start embracing in your business? 👇🏻



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