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Have you ever wondered how I show up with confidence and share my message when it feels good for me? 


Well let me show you…


1. I pushed through my fears of judgement.


Moving from a career as a professional performer into a mindset coach was a BIG SHIFT for me. I was forever playing another character and now I get to be me. This bought MANY a fear up but I KNEW that my message, my knowledge, and my passion was ALWAYS bigger than the fear of people judging me. Never let the message on your heart get stopped by the fears you have! 


2. I show all of me! (when I am ready)


There is this weird thing online that we shouldn’t share our behind-the-scenes, our life, our breakthroughs, our weird habits but sharing these (to an extent) is such a powerful way of JUST BEING YOU online. You don’t start questioning yourself each time you show up on stories, you just show what you want to show, helping you build the know, like, and trust factor and allowing your ideal clients to see you are a human too! 


3. I took away the ‘I must’ ‘I should’ ‘I have to’


The moment you start using these words in your biz, is the moment you need to STOP and take a look at what’s going on. Must, should and have to are words that are usually coming from an external factor. I show up because I decide I want to, or I don’t show up because I decide I want to. Not because X Y or Z has told me to. 




You are allowed to make the rules. You have a message you want to share. You get to decide! 

Ready to say buh-bye to waiting for someone else to do the work for you, being scared of putting yourself out there or scared of leaving your comfort zone and saying hello to killing it in your business, showing up unapologetically, selling your offers, sharing your message and doing what is aligned to you whilst making money.


Then I can help you get there. 


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I am so excited for you!



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