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How Am I Showing Up for Myself and My Business When the Sales Aren’t Coming In? [ep.111]

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Hello lovely lady and welcome to Higher Self and I!

Do you know that moment when you are on a roll and everything is going your way?

You know, when you are signing up clients left, right, center, your ideal clients are engaging with your content, inquiring about your offers, and then….*crickets*. No clients are coming in, no revenue is being made, no sign ups, just dead silence.

So you go inside of yourself, start feeling anxious, panic creeps in and you get out of control. “Oh my God, why is no one signing up? Should I take another course? What am I doing wrong?!” 

Yep. I used to do the SAME thing. When the sales weren’t coming in, I would freak out and try to distract myself. I went shopping, cleaned up the house, scrolled on social media and made up stories in my head about how everyone is so successful and I am not. Now I know that those moments of quiet are the most epic time to reflect.

When the sales aren’t coming in, you have the time and space to look within yourself, get curious and ask yourself some very important questions. So that’s what we are going to do in today’s podcast episode!

Topics covered on When the Sales Aren’t Coming In:

  • When the quiet period in your business comes
  • A client’s story that inspired me to record this episode
  • What should you do when the sales aren’t coming in 
  • Questions you should ask yourself during the quiet moments in your business
  • How did I sign new clients despite going through a huge change in my life
  • Limiting beliefs that come out for me when I’m not signing up new clients
  • Identifying your behaviour pattern and negative thoughts
  • How to shift quiet moments in your business into moments of growth
  • How to do energy check-ins during quiet periods

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