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Hitting 250K, choosing a break up, and moving back to the other side of the world[ep.100]

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Hello lovely lady and welcome to Higher Self and I!

Have you ever felt that niggling feeling in your gut? It’s trying to tell you that something isn’t right. But how could that be? From the outside, everything is peachy! You’re happy with who you are with, with where you are, with what you are doing. But are you really? What if this is just your safe bubble where the only way up is down and you can’t break the glass ceiling that is stopping you from reaching your highest self? You push that feeling down, and yet it still shows face. You start to question everything, and everyone and loses sight of who you really are. That’s how I felt, and now I’m ready to tell you the reason why Rebecca 2.0 is here and why I paused the podcast (never again! Pinky swear).

In today’s episode, I am dropping the juice on how I hit 250K whilst going for the wildest, bumpiest ride of my life. This journey has taught me many things about myself, and how I want to show up for you and takes me right back to why I started it all. If you’re ready for an earful of motivation to play it bigger, take your time to shine, put yourself first (no matter what it takes), and of course, be ready to listen to what has happened to me over the last couple of months. Well, beauty, I’m ready to bare all. So buckle up!

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Topics covered on Hitting 250K:

  • Rebecca Haydon 2.0- the rebrand and the remake
  • The reason behind the podcast break
  • My massive life change that turned my world upside down
  • How I held myself in this space when I could have let it make me crumble
  • The importance of emotional intelligence when it comes to business
  • Really help you to be able to emotional intelligence in your life and biz, hold space behind the scenes to move through when shit hits the fan
  • How I felt about moving to Australia in 2019 and the opportunity it gave me
  • How this extrovert became introverted
  • How expansive Nashville and UK trip
  • What happens when you lean in, trust yourself and create actions when you’re in the right place
  • The most profound lesson I have ever learned in my whole 30 years around the world
  • New masterclass sneak peek

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