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The Higher Self Visibility Hack

My 2 step process to sky rocket your bold, confident, visible higher self on Instagram to become fully booked in your biz.

Charmaine Jackson - IT Coach

“I cannot explain how much Beckie has helped me change my life. I was able to not only gain confidence in myself and know my self worth but I also start to see that rub off in different areas of my life. I am now making more confident decisions in my business and with my new found confidence I offered a high ticket service and signed in a new client.”

Angela Foulds - Coach Connector

Before I started with Bec, I felt really uncomfortable being in front of the camera.  I’d listened to Bec’s podcast “Arise” and just loved how confident she sounded. Looking at her social media, she seemed natural and authentic in front of the camera – and in our one to one sessions, she is exactly that.

It was so refreshing to work with her – she is warm, approachable and funny but keeps you to account. We dived into so many areas; not just confidence, we also cleared my self-limiting beliefs. I used to think that I wasn’t professional – whatever that means but working with Bec we have cleared that and I feel totally different to how I approach my business now and importantly, how I show up for my clients.

Kylee Raffety - Beautician

“I’ve just finished my one on one session with Bec and I am feeling pumped. Since I’ve been working with Bec, she has given me the confidence to show up online without feeling judged or without the feeling that I’m not good enough.  Bec was able to teach me specific tasks such as batching my Instagram and Facebook posts, so that I was less overwhelmed – being able to plan weeks and months in advance has literally saved my life!  So, if you feel or have felt anything like I used to, hating social media and feeling stressed to the max, get in touch with Becky, with her support I have changed my approach and mindset and actually, I love it now and it’s a part of my business.”

Debbie Pfingst - Disabilities Life Coach

I was quite new to visibility online and was struggling with the confidence to be myself – I was coming across as something that I wasn’t. Working with Bec was absolutely the best thing that I’ve ever done. It has given me the confidence to be able to move on and to be myself. I have the confidence to be able to move forward, to be me which is exactly what my ladies need from me – the feeling, for me and for my clients, has been phenomenal!

Jeska Dimmack - Chef

“Working with Beckie, in a very short space of time I’ve grown as a person and I can now tap into my self-belief which gives me the confidence to work in front of the camera. If it wasn’t for Beckie, I wouldn’t be where I am now. I hugely recommend working with Beckie and doing the online coaching sessions – for anyone who is looking to find the positivity and strength within themselves to reach their goals, this is the way to go”