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Hello lovely lady and welcome to The Rebecca Haydon Show!

When you spend a lot of time showing up, creating content and putting your message out there, it can be so freaking disheartening when all you get in return is crickets. You feel you are showing up online but no one is listening! You can sense a disconnect between your content and your ideal clients. What’s missing? I can help you there, my dear! There are two components to attracting your ideal client to your offering. The first is mindset (are there any surprises there?) and the second is a solid content strategy. 

Today, I’m going to show you how to get in the right mindset so you can start showing up in the right way and we’ll even touch on some strategies to implement in your content to get your ideal clients to start noticing. Get ready for your feelings to be super aligned with your goals, to get cozy with your belief systems and to start thinking differently about the content you’re putting out there. 

Topics covered on Showing Up But No One Is Listening:

  • How to reframe the way you’re showing up to maximise conversions
  • Knowing your ideal clients and truly speaking to them through your content 
  • Getting in tune with your feelings and bringing those vibrations up, up, up!
  • Unlocking your belief system so you can catapult to the next level
  • Educating your audience in a more connective way and avoiding the fluff

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The Rebecca Haydon Show is the podcast for passionate, ambitious and driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to captivate their ideal clients, tune up into their higher self mindset and create magic content so they can become fully booked online. Each week, your host, Rebecca Haydon will share top tips on successful attraction marketing strategy, content conversion and how to truly live from your higher self. You’ll learn actionable steps, breakthrough mindset moments and easy to implement strategies so you can truly become the client attraction magnet you are craving to be.