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Master Your Mindset and Get Visible on Instagram (right now)

 → Step One – The Knowledge : The reason why you need to be going LIVE and be visible in your business.⁣

 → ⁣Step Two – The Mindset : What you need to let go of to turn up live and visible online.⁣

⁣ → Step Three – The Strategy : Understand who you are talking to and who you are showing up for. ⁣

→ ⁣Step Four – The Confidence : What to do before you press LIVE⁣


WHEN : Monday 23rd November 2020 at 7:30pm GMT

WHERE : ZOOM (sign up to recieve link)

Ready to get visible in your business?


Hey, it’s Bec here!

Your confidence queen, visiblity-obsessed coach.

I’ve found that creating visibility and showing up as your authentice self truly helps you skyrocket your business.

Did you know 93% of businesses gain a new customer as a result of posting a video on social media?

My favorite way to add the know, like and trust factor into your business?

Through video and going LIVE! 

But first! We have to unleash the unstoppable confidence to do that!

In this free 1 hour and a half Masterclass day I’m sharing the exact frameworks I’ve used to take numerous coaches & service-providers from nervous wreck, red faced and no words to confidently pressing LIVE and showing up online as a passionate CEO!

Ready to Master Your Mindset and Get Visible online?

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Since I’ve been working with Beckie my business has tripled and my leadership skills have really grown. I’m more confident with myself and I’m able to be more confident with my team. I’m a lecturer and a mum and I run an online business. Working with Bec, I have seen ripple effects over all of these things, even in my marriage, which has been really lovely. Before working with Bec I was second guessing myself, and just to have somebody to breathe that belief and confidence into me, has been just so refreshing and so lovely.

Kylie Vanderkly

Executive Area Manager at Arbonne