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“Joy comes to us in moments – ordinary moments. We risk missing out on joy when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary” – Brené Brown

Firstly, write down your worries.  If an anxious thought or worry comes into your head during the day, make a brief note of it. Ask yourself how you could solve this worry and write three things you could do to solve it. Perhaps give yourself a deadline or a commitment to solving the worry.

If it’s something you physically can’t control or do anything about – then why are you worrying about it in the first place? Now you have written it down, cross it out in RED or a dramatic line and forget about.

The next way to find joy in every day is to LAUGH! That’s right you heard me, LAUGH!  No one would ever argue that laughing doesn’t make you feel good.  Here’s a question – can you remember the last time you really laughed? Chances are, it may have been some time ago, which is a shame because laughing is not only fun, it has been shown to reduce stress, enhance immunity, improve blood flow and strengthen relationships.

As adults, we can become so preoccupied with all our ‘grownup’ responsibilities, that we just don’t giggle as often as we did when we were kids.  So, go on, embrace your inner child – have a laugh today!

Thirdly, appreciate the small things. This is something I’ve written about previously.  We all have tiny moments or things that go unnoticed or unappreciated, because we tend to think they’re either insignificant or we take them for granted.


What if we made it a habit to embrace and celebrate the small things?

Real life is happening all around us while we’re waiting for the other things, so why don’t we make a pact to start noticing them?  The truth is that often the things that matter most are the small ones.

Lastly, find joy in every day, and surround yourself with positive people!

One big mistake we all make is that we don’t realise that happiness is our choice. We can choose to be happy, or not. I know that some of our choices are often influenced by the people in our life and if we change our life influencers for the better, we can dramatically increase our chances for happiness and success.

Positive social connection is the greatest predictor of long-term happiness. Welcoming positive people into your world can be one of the most important choices for happiness you make. So, this week – find those little nuggets of joy.

While you working to your end goal, don’t forget to and enjoy the HERE AND NOW.


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