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Believing in fear is a choice that we make ourselves.


Fear, yes in part, is good for us. It keeps us from running in front of a bus or putting our hand in a fire. But secret fear, the ego fear is the thing that keeps us from moving out of the comfort zone and into the MAGIC HAPPENING ZONE.

When we listen to this fear, and we don’t start to question it – we have that stuck feeling. The brick wall, the rope around us, ‘stuck in the mud’ type of feeling. There is a disconnect from what we deep down actually want vs. what we have let the fear win over. 

So how can we release the limitations that are stopping us from feeling the fear and doing it anyway!

The first exercise we are going to look at is physically writing the fear down. When we keep the fear in our mind we tend to create the HORROR story based around what is going to happen when we do the thing we are fearing… 

When it’s on the page, I want you to look at it, maybe even laugh at it?


Then ask yourself these questions to dig a little deeper…

  1. What evidence do I have to say this fear is going to come true?
  2. How does this fear affect me on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? 
  3. What would happen if I let go of this fear?
  4. What would I achieve if I didn’t feel this fear anymore?


This is our way of reframing our fear, reframing the stress, the worry and the sound of the ego. We take the fear in front of us and we prove to our ego that it is in fact UNTRUE, and we are ready to move out of the comfort zone. 

Our next step is flexing the fear muscle.

Fear can only win and get the best of you if you don’t take action and push forward. One of the easiest things that you can do to ensure that you never let fear hold you back from this point moving forward is to feel the fear and do the task anyways. As soon as you feel the fear, take action and get moving as quickly as possible.

Unlike what a lot of people think, you don’t need to have everything figured out and know every little detail before you get moving. It’s great to prepare and have a plan, but once you do everything in your power to put yourself in a position to win, the next step is to become obsessed with taking action.

Regardless of what type of fear we are talking about, when you make it a habit to “feel the fear and do it” anyways, you not only build self-confidence, you also gain incredible strength little by little. Amazing things begin to take place for those who feel the fear and still take massive action.

Create a mantra that you say to yourself, just as the fear hits and you do it anyway – it could be feel the fear and do it anyway, it could be LET’S DO THIS!

And lastly today, I want you to tap into gratitude.

The key to happiness is awareness. When we become aware that our mind is wandering, we can gently bring it back to the present moment. It’s only in the present moment that we are empowered and can consciously choose the thoughts we engage with.

The thoughts we focus on will determine where our energy flows, and thus what is created in our life. Each thought has a vibration, which is reflected by the feeling we experience in our body.

To be able to move from a fear-based experience to an open, peaceful experience we must first take full responsibility and accountability that on some level we created the experience, and nobody else is to blame.

The choice is truly ours. Do we choose to experience a fearful, limited life or do we choose a happy joyful life?


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