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Hello lovely lady and welcome to The Rebecca Haydon Show!

When your feet hit the floor in the morning who do you embody? We can work from anywhere, we can even record this very podcast from across the world and better yet, we can create content from anywhere! However, creating content isn’t as easy as it sounds. I know, I’ve been there, looking blankly at the screen wondering what earth should I say and most importantly how on earth do I say it. Well, my beautiful friends, these two words will change your content game! Content Pillars! Better yet, when you integrate embodied content into a content pillar and consistently show up as the business owner your ideal clients crave you to be, signing consistent clients becomes a whole lot easier let alone creating consistent content that speaks to your ideal clients hearts and souls!

In this episode, I dig deep and share what truly made my business BOOM! You will learn what that pivotal point for me was, from scrounging to make rent to being able to travel across the world and make money whilst doing it! You won’t hear the words, “Fake it till you make it.” No siree, the art of embodiment is so powerful, and you beauty, are going to learn from mindset to strategy how to utilize this specific content pillar to make wonders for your business! Are you ready to step into the business owner you dream to be and embody the AS IF when showing up online?

Topics covered on Content Pillar:

  • The two steps that you need to create embodied content
  • A content creation exercise to help you understand the ins and outs of your ideal client on a micro level
  • My story on when I started to sign consistent clients and what had changed in order to do so
  • The biggest thing that my clients absolutely crave
  • How investing time in creating embodied content can create quicker quantum leaps for you and your business and how to really step into your CEO mindset 
  • What every entrepreneur has to be ready for when they commit to their journey
  • How we can start putting embodying into our content rather than relying on education
  • What the Embodied Blueprint Masterclass is all about 
  • Why embodied content is so powerful and the best platform to create embodied content that performs well
  • Sneak peek into the Content Bible launch 

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The Rebecca Haydon Show is the podcast for passionate, ambitious and driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to captivate their ideal clients, tune-up into their higher self mindset and create magic content so they can become fully booked online. Each week, your host, Rebecca Haydon will share top tips on successful attraction marketing strategy, content conversion and how to truly live from your higher self. You’ll learn actionable steps, breakthrough mindset moments and easy-to-implement strategies so you can truly become the client attraction magnet you are craving to be.