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Hello lovely lady and welcome to The Rebecca Haydon Show!

Desperate energy. You know the kind! When you are showing up with the major driving force that you NEED this or ELSE you won’t be able to “insert your limiting beliefs here”. This scarcity mindset is what desperate energy thrives on and without being aware of it, you will come to find more and more of your community not being able to connect with the real you – the you who wants to help them gain success in their endeavors. Have you ever left a call feeling ick? When this desperate energy consumes you, it shows up in all facets of your communication and strategy. The key is being self-aware and working through it. Let me show you how!

In today’s episode, we are meandering through my version of a whistle-stop tour of how I went from feeling like a desperate energy coach to buzzing in abundance as I hit 95K in Q1 of 2022. I’ll take you through my journey of Q1: the good, the bad and the ugly and what I had learned along the way. By taking on what I have learned, you too, can implement the attraction marketing strategy and mindset shifts that got me to a place that I can go into full-on teacher mode and educate you on what to look out for, how to become more self aware and how to find the patterns so you can create a strategy where you are no longer wondering… “when is my next client going to sign.”

Topics covered from desperate energy to 95K in Q1:

  • Releasing the pressure from your launch to truly enjoy the process and show up in your best energy
  • The major difference in energy shift from January 2021 to January 2022
  • The mindset tactics I used to work on myself 
  • My biggest investment in my business yet!
  • How to find how much space you can hold for your clients
  • Accepting help will open up doors for new opportunities
  • How this newfound abundance dredged up some old money-management habits and beliefs and how I overcame that
  • Journal prompts to guide you to epic expansion and stepping into your higher self every single day

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The Rebecca Haydon Show is the podcast for passionate, ambitious and driven female entrepreneurs who are ready to captivate their ideal clients, tune-up into their higher self mindset and create magic content so they can become fully booked online. Each week, your host, Rebecca Haydon will share top tips on successful attraction marketing strategy, content conversion, and how to truly live from your higher self. You’ll learn actionable steps, breakthrough mindset moments, and easy-to-implement strategies so you can truly become the client attraction magnet you are craving to be.