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Success Story: How to Turn the Instant Switch That Takes You From Chronic Procrastinator to a Major Powerhouse with Jennifer Olsson [ep.103]

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Hello lovely lady and welcome to Higher Self and I!

From Garden videos to 15k in 3 days…how this powerhouse went from a chronic procrastinator to pulling the instant switch on consistent high-converting clients and growth that she deems “absolutely insane”. Enter Jennifer Olsson a Business Coach helping high-achieving coaches and online service providers become in-demand authorities and sell out their high-ticket services with high-converting content & marketing. Jennifer has built her business from zero to $20K months without sales pages, fancy funnels, or a team, just simple yet effective strategies and content that actually does the selling for her.

How did Jennifer start taking action that fully aligns with her big vision to become a multi-millionaire coach? In this episode, we uncover the secret to her success, the key player that is her mindset, and the support she had to push her into the realm she wanted to identify in. If you want to be someone who practices what she preaches, then listen on in baby…your wish has been granted!

Topics covered on Chronic Procrastinator:

  • Jennifer’s story and business journey
  • Jennifer’s major struggle with consistency and her procrastination hang-up
  • What happens when you skip the mindset
  • Biggest breakthrough from procrastination 
  • How to feel confident in approaching business when procrastination is an issue you are tackling 
  • Tips to move through procrastination and give yourself confidence that you can do what you put your mind to
  • Jennifer’s limiting beliefs that kept her back before working on her mindset
  • How to shift your identity into the behavior you can overcome
  • How Voxer helped Jennifer shift into her uplevels
  • What shifted for Jennifer to make consistent major quantum leaps
  • How to ensure your business doesn’t just rely on you 
  • Why I choose to use the word identity rather than mindset
  • Jen’s experience with my 1:1 coaching
  • What brand positioning really is for your business
  • The secret to Jennifer’s binge-worthy effect for high-converting content

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